Woodluxe® Exterior Stains

The Ultimate Protection for Outdoor Beauty

Introducing Benjamin Moore Woodluxe, an innovative line of oil- and water-based exterior stains that sets your project up for success.

This premium-quality all-weather exterior stain helps protect and beautify siding, decks, porches, fences, and furniture. Years of technological innovation and research have yielded a brand-new exterior stain that seals and helps protect wood with luxurious results.

What Makes Woodluxe Innovative

  • Protects wood under a variety of weather conditions all year long, including UV exposure and frost, and provides a mildew-resistant coating.

  • Advanced formula results in minimized film buildup, easier recoating, and minimizes cracking and peeling.*
    *Applies to Waterproofing Stain + Sealer line.

  • Delivers one-coat coverage* with minimal lap marks for a consistent finish.
    *Applies to Waterproofing Stain + Sealer line. More than one coat may be required, depending on staining condition.

  • Woodluxe is a one-stop product line for a variety of exterior staining needs, including decks, wood fences, outdoor wood furniture, and more.

  • Woodluxe is available in 7 translucent ready-mix colours, 75 semi-transparent stain colours, 75 semi-solid stain colours, and more than 3,500 solid and ultra flat solid stain colours. Each opacity allows a different amount of your surface’s grain pattern and texture to show through.

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Woodluxe® Exterior Wood Stain Colours

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Which Stain Opacity Is Right for Your Project?

Woodluxe is available in five opacities. Each exterior stain opacity offers different benefits depending on the age and condition of your wood surface or based on your desired look or outcome.

A straw hat and beach towel laid out on a deck stained with Teak ES-30 Woodluxe® Translucent Stain.

Deck stained with Teak ES-30, Woodluxe Oil-Based, Translucent

White Pine


Water-Based and Oil-Based Options

Translucent stain allows the full beauty of the wood to show through.

Best for: New or younger wood decks in good condition. Ideal for hardwoods like mahogany, teak and ipe.

A wicker tray and glasses set on a deck stained with Mahogany ES-60 Woodluxe® Semi-Transparent Stain.

Deck stained with Mahogany ES-60, Woodluxe Water-Based, Semi-Transparent

White Pine


Water-Based and Oil-Based Options

Semi-Transparent stain allows most of the grain pattern and texture of the wood to show through.

Best for: Decks that are a few years old and in need of new stain. Ideal for softwoods like cedar and pine.

Potted plants displayed on a deck stained with Cordovan Brown ES-62 Woodluxe® Semi-Solid Stain.

Deck stained with Cordovan Brown ES-62, Woodluxe Oil-Based, Semi-Solid

White Pine


Water-Based and Oil-Based Options

Semi-Solid stain allows the texture and some of the grain pattern of the wood to show through.

Best for: An older deck or wood that needs a slight touch-up to its natural color and appearance. Ideal for softwoods like cedar and pine.

Orange rain boots and a woven mat on a deck stained with Maritime White OC-5 Woodluxe® Solid Stain.

Deck stained with Maritime White OC-5, Woodluxe Water-Based, Solid

White Pine


Water-Based Only

Solid stain allows the texture of the wood to show through.

Best for: Weathered decks and wood where hiding imperfections is key. A great choice if you want to change your deck’s colour. Suitable for all wood types, including pressure-treated lumber, cedar and redwood. Perfect for painting wood furniture.

Water-Based vs. Oil-Based Exterior Stains

Fuelled by innovative technology, Woodluxe Exterior Stains extend the luxurious beauty of your home’s interior to the outdoors. Depending on your project and desired outcome, you need to choose either a water- or oil-based stain. Discover the benefits of each wood stain formula.

Woodluxe Water-Based Exterior Stain - Translucent
Woodluxe Oil-Based Exterior Stain - Translucent

Water-Based Stain

Oil-Based Stain

Easy application and easy to recoat with less prep*

Penetrating oils enhance the wood grain, creating a classic oil finish

Soap and water cleanup and quick drying

One-coat application minimizes lap marks

Minimizes film build and reduces the risk of cracking and peeling when using Translucent, Semi-Transparent, or Semi-Solid stain

Proprietary alkyd/linseed oil resin provides strong penetration and durability

Beautiful uniform finish that helps hide imperfections when using Solid or Ultra Flat Solid stain

Translucent stain is excellent for hardwoods like mahogany and ipe

Available in Translucent, Semi-Transparent, Semi-Solid, Solid, and Ultra Flat Solid opacities

Available in Translucent, Semi-Transparent, and Semi-Solid opacities

Discover the Range of Exterior Stain Opacities

The natural hue of the wood and condition will affect the overall appearance of each stain. Use the drop-down menu to select various wood types and explore multiple opacities.

Get true colour accuracy by sampling with a variety of Woodluxe 236 ml stain samples. Be sure to test in an inconspicuous area.

Redwood ES-20

White Pine


White Pine


White Pine


White Pine


Patent Pending.
This tool provides approximate representations of colours. Individual results may vary. Test with samples.

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Get Professional Results with Woodluxe Exterior Wood Stains

Woodluxe Exterior stains offer advanced all-weather protection all year long, providing a UV- and mildew-resistant coating. The innovative penetrating formulas improve the stain’s performance and durability to prevent fading, cracking and peeling, reduce prep work and make recoating easier.

Woodluxe Exterior Wood Stains Protect and Beautify

Professional painters in Park City, UT, describe their experience with Woodluxe Exterior stains, from fade resistance against harsh sun to deeper penetration into the wood surface for longer lasting protection. Painter Christopher Fava, from Marsh Painting, Inc. states, “I’d have to say I’m really impressed with it.”

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