Coronado® Premium Paints

Coronado® Premium Paints

Coronado® Premium Paints

Dependable Quality. Exceptional Value.

Trusted by painters and homeowners alike for more than 50 years, Coronado® paint provides an easy-to-use, quick-dry formula and a robust colour palette in a range of finishes.
Home interior with light blue walls framed by an end table holding matching white lamps

Interior paint

With its vast spectrum of dynamic colour combinations, Coronado’s line of interior paints is a strong, value-driven choice for your budget-conscious clients.

If you need a respected paint for interior doors, trim, cabinets and walls, Coronado® Door, Trim & Cabinet Enamel provides the flow and levelling characteristics of a conventional alkyd paint, while also providing a tough satin or semi-gloss finish that stands up to repeated washing, cleaning up easily with soap and water.
Red steel stairs

Rust Preventive & Waterborne Enamels

A range of steel surfaces—think metal buildings, tanks, tools, barges and more—count on Rust-A-Void™. Engineered specifically for metal surfaces, MULTAPPLY™ Waterborne Acrylic Enamels is suitable for interior or exterior use.
Commercial building exterior

Masonry Coatings

Take advantage of the hard-working commercial capabilities found in Coronado's Super Kote 5000 Production Block Filler.
Designed specifically for spray application to fill voids and create a smooth, uniform surface on interior masonry, Super Kote 5000 Production Block Filler keeps damaging water and moisture vapours out of any structure.
Coronado primer being applied with a roller brush


Commercial jobs need primers formulated for performance and value. Ideal for high volume production and property managers. Quick-drying and easy-to-apply PVA Primer/Finish 100 is a professional favourite for interior drywall and cured plaster, demonstrating good dry hide and a uniform flat finish.
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