Access Moore Décor Alliance Inc.

In today's highly competitive retail environment, those Independent Retailers who come together to leverage their combined strength have a decided advantage. Better access to new products and services is just good business.

Access Moore is...
A unique buying group, formed exclusively for Benjamin Moore Independent Retailers.

Our Objective
To strengthen our Independent Retailer network by providing access to products, services, programs, levels of support, and convenience. And, as we grow, access to lower costing on key products.

The Benefits for Retailers
As Access Moore members, Benjamin Moore Retailers get all the support of a national alliance with the freedom to run their independent business as they see fit. Retailers decide which products and programs to purchase or participate in. No one else.

At Access Moore, we believe in the entrepreneurial spirit of the Independent Retailer. And we support that spirit, because, together, we are stronger.

For More Information
For additional information on Access Moore and how to sign up, please visit the Access Moore website at