Behind the Color Of The Year

A person applying various color swatches on a white wall.

How does Benjamin Moore choose our Color of the Year and the corresponding Color Trends Palette?

Our annual celebration of color is the result of a yearlong exploration into design, art, fashion, cultural and environmental influences around the globe. From Benjamin Moore’s library of over 3,500 colors, we carefully curate a Color Trends palette that balances modern-day relevance with long-lasting appeal. At the center is one special hue that defines the palette—and the moment: the Color of the Year.

Color of the Year: A Look Back

A living room with wall painted in October Mist 1495, a sage green, with gray couch, green accent pillows, and a flowering indoor tree.

Color of the Year 2022: October Mist 1495

This gently shaded sage quietly anchors a space, while encouraging individual expression through color.

October Mist 1495 graces the wall of this elegant living space.

Paint: AURA® Interior
Sheen: Matte

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A kitchen with walls and cabinets painted in warm blue Aegean Teal 2136-40 and bowls on a butcher block countertop.

Color of the Year 2021: Aegean Teal 2136-40

An intriguing, balanced, and deeply soothing blue-green, Aegean Teal invites us to reflect and reset.

Aegean Teal 2136-40 envelopes this welcoming kitchen with its nourishing spirit.

Paint: Regal® Select Interior
Sheen: Eggshell

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A wall painted in First Light 2102-70, a soft pink, a pink console with gold handles and multiple vases.

Color of the Year 2020: First Light 2102-70

A soft, rosy pink that blooms with potential.

First Light 2102-70, a refreshing alternative to white or beige, casts the perfect backdrop.

Paint: Regal® Select Interior
Sheen: Eggshell

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A wall painted in Metropolitan AF-690, a cool gray , cream-colored silk curtains, and a formal gold chair.

Color of the Year 2019: Metropolitan AF-690

A stylish gray with cool undertones reflects modern sophistication.

Metropolitan AF-690 offers beauty and balance in this living space.

Paint: AURA® Interior
Sheen: Eggshell (wall), Semi-Gloss (trim)

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The Journey to the Color of the Year and the Color Trends Palette

Every year, our color and design experts look at both domestic and global inpiration to select the Color of the Year and the corresponding Color Trends palette. Their work yields common threads across diverse disciplines, resulting in a thoughtfully curated color palette—and one standout paint color—that inspires us all.

Professionally hand-drawn furniture and pictures of different colors of fabrics and color samples.


We look at a range of design influences like furniture, lighting, fabrics, home accessories and more—and then consider the relationship that paint and color has to each of them.
Professionally hand-drawn room interior and pictures of color samples.


From contemporary to classic, we look to art to help us see color and color pairings in a fresh, new light. Seeing how artists use color always energizes and inspires us.
Professionally hand-drawn fashion sketches and different colors of fabrics on a piece of paper.


Always changing, and consistently informed by color, fashion is an expression of personality and style that gives us a snapshot of the moment.
A picture of dark green front door, a small bunch of purple flowers, and a picture of natural flowers displayed on a piece of paper.


Every setting offers its own unique natural landscape, distinct color palette and architectural traditions. At home and when traveling, we take in all of these elements.
Pictures of an outdoor empty hallway and buildings, a passport, some coins, and a cup of coffee displayed on a piece of paper.


Clearly, people influence us as well. Consumer sentiment, entertainment, economics, and contemporary culture all give voice to our annual color palette selection.
"Each year, we invite homeowners to use the Color Trends palette as a point of inspiration to bring color into the home in new ways."

-Andrea Magno, Director of Color Marketing & Development

Unmatchable Color

The richness and nuance of the Color of the Year and Color Trends palette can only be achieved with Benjamin Moore products. Our paint is available exclusively from 7,500 locally owned paint, decorating and hardware retailers.

Red orange dining room painted in Raspberry Blush 2008-30 with wooden table, gold tablecloth, tree branches, and a golden frame propped against the wall.

Color of the Year 2023

Explore the Color of the Year and the Color Trends 2023 palette, curated by our color and design experts.

A selection of Benjamin Moore paint color samples.

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