Kitchen & Dining Room Paint Ideas: Meet the New Neutrals

Get inspired by the Le Creuset® X Benjamin Moore collaboration and find paint colour pairings inspired by “new neutral” Shallot, Le Creuset’s newest cookware hue.

Kitchen & Dining Room Paint Ideas: Meet the New Neutrals

Get inspired by the Le Creuset® X Benjamin Moore collaboration and find paint colour pairings inspired by “new neutral” Shallot, Le Creuset’s newest cookware hue.

What is a neutral? Over the years, the definition of neutral has expanded from beiges, tans and grays to a wider range of more interesting, compelling hues.

Le Creuset®, a pioneer in colour development for its iconic enamelled cast iron cookware, has just introduced a new neutral into its renowned colour portfolio: Shallot.

A light whisper of lavender and gray that enhances its delicate and tranquil quality, Shallot is the inspiration behind the gorgeous array of paint colour pairings seen below. Our colour experts used Porcelain 2113-60, a close match to Shallot, as the central “new neutral” in each.

Consider these five pairings for your next painting project, whether in the kitchen, dining room or any space that calls for an expertly curated palette.
"Expertise on enamel and selection of specific pigments is essential at Le Creuset. We loved putting that into play with Shallot; leaning into the delicateness of colour while embracing the idea of a 'new neutral' that can pair beautifully with whatever hues you may already have in your kitchen."

- Specialist from Le Creuset’s Colour Lab

Le Creuset’s Shallot X Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colours

Using “new neutral” Porcelain 2113-60 as a colour match for Shallot—Le Creuset’s newest cookware hue—our colour experts created several striking combinations.

Porcelain 2113-60
Sea Pearl OC-19   Distant Gray OC-68

You can practically feel the softness of this gentle colour combination. Sea Pearl OC-19, an off-white that carries a slight touch of gray, contrasts with crisp Distant Gray OC-68, while Porcelain 2113-60 adds a dash of depth thanks to its touch of lilac.

Porcelain 2113-60
Mountain Moss 2142-30   Chantilly Lace OC-65

A verdant point of inspiration, the deep, organic quality of Mountain Moss 2142-30 stands out against bright white Chantilly Lace OC-65. The botanical quality of Porcelain 2113-60, a soft lilac enhanced by variations in light, further complements the trio.

Porcelain 2113-60
Mount Saint Anne 1565   Hale Navy HC-154

Weaving together masculine tone and feminine sensibility, Hale Navy HC-154 and Porcelain 2113-60 make a sophisticated pair. Add in medium gray Mount Saint Anne 1565 for balance, and the result is a dramatic colour combination.

Porcelain 2113-60
Dinner Party AF-300   Steam AF-15

An invigorating deep red, Dinner Party AF-300 takes on a modern eclectic twist when paired with Porcelain 2113-60. Breathe in classic off-white Steam AF-15 and the result is an unexpected, delightful colour scheme.

Porcelain 2113-60
White Heron OC-57   Raccoon Fur 2126-20

Upgrade classic black and white colour schemes with this combo. Porcelain 2113-60 adds ethereal elegance to charcoal gray Raccoon Fur 2126-20, and ever-popular White Heron OC-57 pairs effortlessly with both warm and cool colours.

“Colour choice is highly personal, and finding exactly the right hue for a space is paramount. Paying attention to the slight nuances of neutrals and their design impact provides an opportunity to showcase an eye for detail.”

Andrea Magno, Director of Colour Marketing & Development

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