Refinishing hardwood floors takes time, expertise, and the right equipment, creating a dramatic end result. Follow our guide to ensure your customers enjoy the transformation of an old hardwood floor into something fresh and beautiful.

A pro painter refinishes a hardwood floor.

Provided you have the right equipment and expertise, if the floor is in fundamentally good shape, a screen and recoat (basic sanding and a new topcoat) can have it looking brand-new in a minimal amount of time. As always, the right safety gear is important, so make sure you have goggles or glasses, ear plugs, respirator mask and kneepads.

A beautiful light refinished hardwood floor in a home.
A customer will likely want a projection of how long a more advanced job will take. Be very clear that this project will take a significant amount of time. A typical hardwood floor refinishing project will have at least four different sanding passes, each with a different type of sanding equipment: drum sander, rotary sander, orbital sander and, finally, an edger to get as close to the baseboard as possible. Additionally, furniture and rugs should not be returned to the room for up to 15 days to let the finish fully cure.
A beautiful dark refinished living room floor.

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