AURA® Exterior Paint

Four cans of AURA® Exterior paint on a front lawn.

AURA® Exterior Paint

More durable and longer-lasting than ever before, ultra-premium AURA® Exterior paint transforms homes like no other exterior paint.

With a groundbreaking new resin that enhances this paint’s UV- and fade-resistance, ultra-premium AURA® Exterior delivers unrivalled performance and perfection in 3,500+ colours.
Enjoy all-weather protection and breathtaking colour with ultra-premium AURA® Exterior paint. Learn more in this video.

Redefining Expectations for Exterior Paint

AURA® Exterior is truly unique. In this video, you’ll see how AURA® provides long-lasting performance, rich colour depth, and much more.
An open can of black AURA® exterior paint being stirred, on top of a tarp.

High-Performance Exterior Paint Colour

Once again, Benjamin Moore has pushed paint and chemistry to new heights.

Our chemists engineered AURA® Exterior’s unique resin to offer even greater levels of colour depth, reduced chalking, and UV- and fade-resistance.

In addition to its new acrylic resin, we’ve added new high-performing additives that improve resistance to surfactant leaching.
A house painted with black AURA® Exterior paint, with white trim and pillar, and outdoor furniture.

Long-Term Durability and Protection

From harsh winter storms to sun-soaked heat waves to everything in between, AURA® Exterior keeps home exteriors fresh, in every climate.

AURA® Exterior’s deeply pigmented paint colour resists fading and stands up to rain, snow, wind and UV damage.
A person applying black AURA® Exterior paint on siding using a paintbrush.

3 Unique AURA® Exterior Technologies

Proprietary paint ingredients and technology have long set Benjamin Moore apart and are key to quality painting results.

Ultra-premium AURA® Exterior includes:

  1. Colour Lock™ Technology: Available only in AURA® brand paint, Colour Lock™ embeds pigment within binding molecules and locks colour into the paint film.
  2. New Acrylic Resin: Available only in AURA® Exterior, this new resin provides excellent film formation, improved UV and fade resistance, and superior gloss retention.
  3. Gennex® Colour Technology: Removes unnecessary components that weaken paint, which results in better hide, flow and levelling, and durability.
A house painted with black AURA® Exterior paint, with white trim, sliding glass doors, outdoor furniture, an umbrella, and a pool.

Exterior Paint That Goes Above and Beyond

AURA® Exterior’s beautiful results also deliver real-world benefits that matter to homeowners:

  • Mildew-resistant coating
  • Low-temperature application that extends the painting season with application temps as low as 1.7 °C (35 °F).
  • Vinyl siding readiness: Upgrade your vinyl siding with AURA® Exterior in vinyl-safe colours
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
A person using a paint roller to apply black AURA® Exterior paint onto siding, with a white downspout.

High-Performance: A Deeper Dive

Additional technical features of AURA® Exterior paint that painting professionals count on include:

  • Substantial film formation from the very first coat, so jobs can be finished faster, using less paint.
  • Improved block resistance and reduced tack, which increases job site efficiency and minimizes disruption.
  • A breathable coating that is less prone to blistering and provides long-term durability and protection.
The façade of a green-painted home using AURA® Exterior paint with lush landscaping.

The Beauty of a Premium Exterior Paint

When it comes to the just-right paint colour for your home exterior consider these tips:

  • Draw inspiration from your home's surroundings, from landscaping to neighbouring exterior design styles.
  • Highlight your exterior’s architectural elements, using paint colour to creatively highlight trim, gables, columns, porches, and more.
  • Remember sheen: While low lustre finishes on home exteriors are popular, consider a higher sheen on your exterior: AURA® Exterior’s exclusive acrylic resin ensures superior gloss retention for satin and soft gloss exterior finishes.
  • Remember your front door: Extend a warm welcome with the right colour. We love AURA® Exterior paint in a satin or soft gloss for a beautiful, slightly glossy finish. Get our expert tips for repainting your front door on your own!

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Aura® Exterior Paint

AURA® Exterior Paint

Experience rich colour depth, fade resistance, and so much more.

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