Impervex® Latex High Gloss Enamel

Impervex® Latex High Gloss Enamel

Benjamin Moore’s Impervex® Latex High Gloss Enamel has been discontinued as of December 2022. Contact your locally owned Benjamin Moore store for more information.

If you are looking for a quick-drying, high gloss enamel that provides a tough durable film on a wide variety of interior and exterior surfaces, we recommend one of the following products.
Advance High Gloss
Advance® Waterborne Interior/Exterior paint is the unrivalled choice for cabinets, doors and trim. It is easy to apply, resists spattering and cleans up with soap and water.

Advance is our most premium interior paint for achieving a flawless professional, furniture-like finish. It is a waterborne alkyd enamel that delivers the desired flow and levelling characteristics of conventional alkyd paint.
Ultra Spec HP D.T.M. Acrylic Gloss
Ultra Spec® HP D.T.M. Acrylic Gloss Enamel is designed to perform a dual purpose as a direct-to-metal primer and finish.

Both coats of the product provide rust inhibition for superior corrosion control. The acrylic formula provides excellent gloss and colour retention. The film is fast drying permitting fast recoat. This product is also an excellent finish for masonry, plaster, wallboard and interior wood surfaces.
COMMAND™ Waterborne Acrylic Urethane - Gloss
Corotech® Command® is an extremely durable, single-component, multi-substrate solution to help you save time and tackle multiple jobs with confidence.

This interior/exterior, UV-resistant acrylic urethane enamel provides superior adhesion and abrasion resistance on a variety of substrates. It is ideal for facility maintenance and property management applications where minimal maintenance disruptions and quick returns to service are required.
MULTAPPLY™ Waterborne Acrylic Enamel - Gloss
Coronado® Multapply™ Waterborne Acrylic Enamel is the go-to multi-substrate coating for contractors seeking a durable and easy-to-use product for both interior and exterior applications.

It is suitable for coating primed metal, wood, or masonry surfaces. The acrylic resin provides excellent colour and gloss retention as well as tenacious adhesion properties.
Advance® Interior Paint

Advance® Waterborne Interior/Exterior Paint

The unrivalled choice for cabinets, doors & trim.