Scuff-X® Testimonials

Unmatched durability and protection against scuffs in high-traffic commercial areas.

Scuff-X® Testimonials

Unmatched durability and protection against scuffs in high-traffic commercial areas.

See a school’s director of facilities, a renowned hospitality consultant, discerning painters and others share their experiences with scuff-resistant Scuff-X® paint.

“Having our walls painted with Benjamin Moore® Scuff-X®, eliminates the wear and tear that one would see.”

Scuff-X® Minimizes the Wear and Tear

“We don’t have to repaint the wall,” says Cynthia Banks, VP of Operations at the Boys & Girls Club of Newark.

From food splatter to messy sneakers to scuff-making chairs, walls in schools take a beating. Check out this first-hand account from a lively school on how Scuff-X makes “a big, big difference.”
Hear what hotel expert and host of Hotel Impossible, Anthony Melchiorri, has to say about Scuff-X® in this video. PAID ENDORSEMENT. INDIVIDUAL RESULTS MAY VARY.

Revolutionary Scuff-Resistant Paint

Thirty-year hotel industry veteran Anthony Melchiorri talks about the unsightly nature of scuff marks, and chats with one hotel General Manager about how Scuff-X can help.
Hear from Director of Facilities Jim Rumberger on how Scuff-X® has helped him decrease worry.

No-Scuff Coverage on Most Surfaces

Just one academic year delivers a beating, and Scuff-X is up to the challenge. In this video, a school’s Director of Facilities shares how Scuff-X keeps his school looking good all year long.
“Scuff-X® is pretty much the first product we think of.”

Scuff-X® Builds Professional Confidence

For facilities with high-traffic areas that get a lot of wear and tear, Scuff-X is the go-to paint for Bill Harvey, a painting contractor with CertaPro Painters. Hear from a painting professional who counts on Scuff-X to clean up well and look great, day after day.
"We’re used to premium products, so for my painters to be impressed with Scuff-X® is really saying something."

Scuff Resistance for the Most Challenging High-Traffic Areas

Frank Mai, Owner of a Certa Pro Painters, shares his crew’s first impressions of Scuff-X, counting smooth coverage, fast dry time, and great-looking finish as meaningful features.
"It’s going to save you money, and also make you look really good."

No Other Competitor Has This

Anibal Gonzalez, owner of Day by Day Painting, shares the positive effect Scuff-X has had on his work including easy application, superior coverage and the ability to tint in any paint color-all while resisting scuffs.
See how Scuff-X® helps to keep one high-traffic facility looking great. SODEXO IS A PAID VENDOR OF BENJAMIN MOORE.

Scuff-X® Far Exceeded My Expectations

Ensuring that 80,000 square feet of a high-traffic facility looks clean and fresh isn’t easy.

Sodexo Facility Manager Bill Hopkins shares how scuff-resistant Scuff-X has become essential to him and his team in this video.
See how low VOCs matter to this painting contractor and his clients.

Beyond Scuff Resistance: Scuff-X® is Low VOC

“Air quality is very important.”

A sought-after feature in architectural coatings, low-VOC paint is particularly important in hospitals and schools. Hear from a painting contractor who cites the lower-VOC levels in Scuff-X as a win-win in this video
Scuff-X® Interior Latex Paint

Scuff-X® Interior Paint

Unmatched durability and protection against scuffs in high-traffic commercial areas.