Color Insights

We've provided color basics and key principles to help you select paint colors and create the perfect palette for your home.

A two-tone wall painted light-sage green on the upper wall and off-white on the lower wall, with off-white trim and a dark blue door and inset shelves holding glass vases and trinkets.

Alternatives to Neutral Paint Colors

Explore pastels, sunbaked neutrals, and dark natural paint colors.

A living room with two blue walls and one white shiplap wall, featuring a large, gray sectional couch and three small end tables.

Guide to Monochromatic Color Schemes

See how monochromatic color schemes can create an elevated design in any home.

Serene light green bathroom with clawfoot tub.

Analogous Colors

Explore the harmony of analogous color schemes.

Two-tone wall painted in Subtle AF-310 and Sea Life 2118-40 framed by a black fireplace.

Warm & Cool Colors

Discover how warm and cool paint colors impact your space.

Light blue-painted walls with an open window and shear white curtains blowing in the wind featuring a bench with a striped pillow and black side table.

Pale and Pastel Paint Colors

From soft pinks to pastel blues, discover a fresh palette curated from our top pale and pastel paint colors.

A dark blue-painted room with black framed mirror and crystal glasses on a table.

Jewel-Toned Paint Colors

See why these deeply saturated hues elevate any space.

A Guide to Selecting Color.

The Color Handbook

A guide to selecting paint color.

A vase of flowers sits on a small, square bedside table next to an open window framed by a gauzy white curtain and a light blue wall.

Your Personal Color Palette

Learn how to foster your color confidence.

Red and blue living room with gray couch.

Psychology of Color

See how color and color combinations influence the mood of a home.