Benjamin Moore CEO Mike Searles stands with employees at our paint test farm.


Benjamin Moore & Co.’s employees are the heart and soul of this company. They are creative, talented individuals who, over and over again, amaze me with their ingenuity and their ability to make incredible things happen.

It’s because of them that our company had a terrific year in 2016. We achieved the highest percentage increase in gallons sold in over a decade. We also expanded the number of new dealer stores, both in North America and internationally. While this was a huge investment for us, we believe it is critical to maintaining our position as North America’s favorite paint, color and coatings brand and a leading manufacturer of premium quality residential and commercial coatings.

This past year we once again stepped forward with innovative, game changing new products. Century® and
Scuff-X® continue Benjamin Moore’s legacy of innovation. We also continued to pursue third-party certifications for select paints. For example, Natura® and Ultra Spec® 500 are Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver in a number of sheens. We are listening to our customers, who are demanding products that reduce or eliminate negative human health and environmental impacts.

Our employees found ways to make a difference with more than just our products. They do what’s right for the environment; they are concerned with each other’s safety - both at work and at home; and they care about their communities and our historic heritage. Our distribution center in Clifton, New Jersey, received an award from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for their outstanding recycling program. Our distribution center in Mesquite, Texas, has gone more than 8.5 years without a recordable incident. And, we announced a new partnership with the National Trust for Historic Preservation that will help renovate seven historic sites across the U.S.

In 2016, we committed to increasing our focus on employee engagement as part of our Strategic Plan – celebrating all our employees do for Benjamin Moore and encouraging them to play an even more active role in our culture. I am pleased to report that our employees told us that as a company we improved in this regard significantly over the course of the year and that we now dramatically outpace engagement statistics from many of the world’s most admired companies. We remain steadfast in making “how we work together” as important as “what we accomplish.”

Because of our employees, Benjamin Moore is a great place to work: one where people can see themselves working for years to come. We are also a great neighbor in communities where our employees live and work. Employees, dealers and our communities are all sharing in this success together. And that’s the way I hope it will always be.


Mike Searles

A Benjamin Moore employee mixes a vat of paint.


We are committed to developing products that are effective, safe and minimize impacts on the environment.

A Benjamin Moore employee at manufacturing facility.


The best characteristic of our employees is their constant drive to know more and achieve more.

A Benjamin Moore employee tests water from a creek on our premises.


Our employees are engaged in environmental stewardship at work and in the community.

A Benjamin Moore volunteer reads with young children.


We steward an organization that enriches the lives of our people and communities for generations to come.

A native purple pickerelweed, as seen on Benjamin Moore premises.

Corporate Responsibility Overview

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