Bathroom Color Ideas & Inspiration

Whether you want a spa-like sanctuary in your master bath or a colorful powder room to wow your guests, transforming your bathroom is easy with the powerful combination of the right color and premium paint.

Goodbye shiny bathrooms. Hello rich, beautiful matte finish in any paint color your heart desires. Benjamin Moore® Aura® Bath & Spa paint stands up to humidity and comes in any one of our 3,500+ colors.
Bathroom painted in Chantilly Lace paint color featuring a wooden bathtub and striped rug

Best Colors For Bathroom

Top tips for bathroom paint colors: Always test your color options as lighting impacts how paint color reads: Pick up your select paint color sample from your local Benjamin Moore retailer!
Elegant, earthy bathroom retreat with geometric tile

Master Bathroom Color Idea: Serenity

Your master bathroom is your most personal space and an area where ‘me time’ takes top priority. Create a spa-like space with a soothing paint color that nurtures rest and relaxation. Consider calming hues, from the balancing gray of Metropolitan AF-690, our Color of the Year 2019, to soft pastels like Palladian Blue HC-144 and Italian Ice Green 2035-70.

For visual flow, be sure to choose paint colors that share the same cool or warm undertone as the walls in the adjoining room to your bathroom.
A bold pink painted bathroom with a potted plant and arched window.

Little Bathroom, Big Look

A modestly sized space always offers an invitation to play with color, and small bathrooms are no different. Saturated colors pop in small places, as seen here with Old Claret 2083-30. The combination of deeper, rich colors and the right lighting conditions can bring a lot of ambience to a small space.

Have fun: Try painting the ceiling an unexpected color such as Fruit Shake 2088-60 or Windmill Wings 2067-60. Or paint inset towel shelving or other bathroom accents with Black Ink 2127-20 or Deep Space 2125-20; these dark hues make a striking contrast against white or off-white tile and walls.
Black bathroom walls with white vanity and moroccan rug.

The Soft, Fresh Feeling of Matte Walls

Good news! A gloss or semi-gloss paint finish isn’t your only option when it comes to avoiding the unsightly effects of bathroom humidity. The matte finish of Aura® Bath & Spa also provides exceptional durability, color retention and mildew resistance in high-humidity environments. A matte finish delivers a sense of softness to bathrooms where hard surfaces like tile, mirrors, and metal fixtures abound.

Committed to higher sheens in the bathroom? Keep in mind that a paint with a higher finish or sheen may create an overabundance of shine, especially when combined with typical bathroom surfaces.
Aura® Bath and Spa

Aura® Bath & Spa Paint

We created the first matte paint that withstands warm, humid environments with no compromise to color integrity.

Chic pink bathroom with clawfoot tub and French décor and Kohler finishes

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Paint color samples are available in any Benjamin Moore color.

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Test your paint colors from morning to evening, under both natural and artificial lighting conditions.

A painting contractor rolling white paint onto a primed wall.

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