Alternatives to Neutral Paint Colors

A two-tone wall painted light-sage green on the upper wall and off-white on the lower wall, with off-white trim and a dark blue door and inset shelves holding glass vases and trinkets. A two-tone wall painted light-sage green on the upper wall and off-white on the lower wall, with off-white trim and a dark blue door and inset shelves holding glass vases and trinkets.

Alternatives to Neutral Paint Colors

Our palette of airy pastels, sunbaked neutrals, and dark natural paint colors are perfect for finding the balance between soft and bold. Expressly created to help neutral enthusiasts bring more color to their spaces, consider these subtly saturated hues as a bridge from beige to beyond.

Lean on hues from this palette to bring a “progression of color” into your home. Whether you are introducing a brand new color scheme, or need something a touch softer in an already-expressive space, we’ve got you covered.
A pretty yellow-green painted wall with a white fireplace flanked by two white doors, with two chairs and a white ottoman in front.

Saturated Off-White Paint Colors

It might sound like a contradiction, but some off-white paint colors can provide a deeper color than you expect. If you prefer white paint’s versatility and classic look, choose an off-white with strong undertones to get the best of both worlds. Here, the bright yellow and green undertones of Seahorse 2028-70 allows Chantilly Lace OC-65 to take center stage on the doors and fireplace. The resulting look allows the minimalist décor and unique architectural details of this room to stand out.

Other off-white paint colors with strong undertones include:
A bright and airy light-gray painted bedroom with white wall trim and ceiling, a modern four-poster bed, a fun cheetah animal print sofa, and wicker chandelier.

Tinted Neutrals & Pastels

Similar to saturated off-white hues, neutrals with strong undertones or pastels can be fun alternatives when you’re looking to add a soft pop of color to your space. Pastels with warm undertones, like First Light 2102-70, a former Benjamin Moore Color of the Year, and Windham Cream HC-6, flatter like a beige without reading too neutral.

Deeper greige paint colors, like Pashmina AF-100 and Silver Fox 2108-50, offer a balance between light and dark while still providing flexibility for furniture, lighting and other décor choices.

If you’re looking for a cooler hue, opt for gentle hues with undertones of blue or violet. Silver Lining 2119-60 feels contemporary and fresh in this bedroom, buoyed by a modern four poster bed, lively print bedding, and other sleek accents.
A rich, gold-brown painted wall with a small piece of framed art, and dark wood fireplace mantel with  rustic pottery and candles.

Sunbaked, Earth Tone Colors

Like the earth baking in the sun, desaturated yellow, red, and orange paint colors can bring a touch of warmth to your space, reminiscent of clay pots and the easy elegance of Southwestern style.

Here, golden Kurkuma AF-350 strikes a perfect balance between soft and dramatic, thanks to a brown undertone that lets it function as a bold neutral.

Other earthen, sunbaked hues we love include:
  • Terra Bella AF-195, a compelling neutral enlivened by a vibrant orange undertone.
  • Farm Fresh AF-360, a stylish tan that captures the perfect brown shade of an eggshell.
  • Sienna Clay 104, a classic shade of terracotta with equal amounts of orange and brown.
A beautiful open kitchen with light-blue painted walls, white cabinets and an island with books shelves and a sink, a white tile backsplash with antique wall cabinets, and pendant lights.

Airy Blues & Greens

Reminiscent of the sky and the sea, many people already use blue, green, and blue-green paint colors interchangeably with neutrals. Cool colors have a natural tendency to recede, making spaces feel airier and more relaxing.

When picking your perfect blue or green, consider the other hues in the room. In this kitchen, Yarmouth Blue HC-150 provides a light wash of color against Swiss Coffee OC-45 cabinetry, drawing the eye up.

Looking for something different? Try one of these muted blue-greens instead:
A kitchen corner with beautifully contrasting white painted walls, shelves and upper cabinets, and dark green-painted lower cabinets with gold hardware, and a black counter top.

Dark Natural Paint Colors

Ready to fully immerse your home in color? Try a darker hue inspired by the outdoors: forest greens, midnight blues, and even Galaxy 2117-20, an inky, blackened violet that evokes the mysterious expanse beyond. Perfect for a maximalist design style, deep hues rooted in nature offer a sense of being at one with the world around you.

If you can’t decide if a darker hue is right for you, consult with the experts at your locally owned Benjamin Moore store or start with one or more color samples. Whether you brush it on, tape it up, or try our Peel & Stick option, color samples are the only way to get a true feel of how a color will work in your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I slowly bring color to my space?

A. Start small. Off-white, neutral or pastel paint colors with deep undertones can add some saturation to your space without committing to a bold color.

Q. What paint colors can I paint my walls instead of gray?

A. To evoke the calmness of gray paint while using a different color, invite in airiness and relaxation with cooler blues and greens like Crystalline AF-485, Sea Foam 2123-60, or Cumulus Cotton 2063-70.

If you find yourself needing additional color resources, reach out to your locally owned Benjamin Moore store or schedule a Virtual Color Consultation with one of our experts—we offer a range of options to help you find the perfect color for your project.

Q. What colors are similar to gray?

A. Combine the versatility of gray with the familiarity of beige with a “greige” paint color. Many greige paints strike a balance between warm and cool tones, making it adaptable for most décor and design styles. For a bolder look, choose a greige with a deeper undertone.

No matter the color you land on, make sure to sample it before you make your decision—it’s the easiest way to be confident in your color selection.

White and neutral paint chips, home interior photos and other natural accents lay atop a navy blue-painted surface.

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A homeowner sampling different interior blue paint colors.

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