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Enhancing the Regal® Select Exterior Product Line

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The Regal Select family now includes MoorGard®, MoorGlo® & MoorLife® — all with zero-VOC Gennex® colorants.

The Gennex Advantage

Gennex is Benjamin Moore's proprietary, zero-VOC colorant system and it is what sets Benjamin Moore paints apart. Typical colorants weaken paint, making it thinner and more difficult to apply. They also reduce the film's washability, allowing the color to rub off and fade. But zero-VOC Gennex colorants actually fortify the paint, so it maintains its original viscosity in all colors, delivers a more durable finish, and retains true scrubbability. This makes the paint easier to work with and ensures that your clients will be satisfied with your work for years to come - long after other paints have failed.

The NEW Regal Select Exterior Family

Features & Benefits

  • Durable finish resists fading, cracking and peeling so the job looks freshly painted for years to come
  • Excellent flow and leveling for easy application
  • Mildew resistant even in humid conditions
  • Low temperature application (to 40° F) extends the painting season

Regal Select Exterior High Build (N400, N401, N403)

Ideal when you need:

  • High build for superior coverage and fewer coats
  • A product that dries quickly so you can recoat faster and finish the job in less time

Regal Select Exterior with MoorLife, MoorGard and MoorGlo finishes (W105, W103, W096)

Ideal when you need:

  • Advanced alkyd technology for superior adhesion even to chalky substrates
  • Longer open time when application conditions require it

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