Notable Dry Erase Paint

Notable Dry Erase Paint

Apply premium performance Notable® Dry Erase Paint to almost any surface. Opt for Classic "whiteboard" Notable White or Notable Clear, which transforms any paint color on the wall into a dry erase board.

Notable Dry Erase Paint enhances painting projects, converting walls of all sizes into areas that are both creative and practical.
Creativity has no limit with Notable!

A Dry Erase Paint That Goes Wherever You
Need It

Whether in a residential, professional or commercial interior space, Notable supports the concept that great ideas can surface anywhere.

Dry erase boards are made easy with our comprehensive kit, which comes with a 2-component paint system, a roller-cover, and detailed application instructions.
Several interior spaces show Notable-enhanced surfaces including a lecture hall, café, office and home.

Great Ideas Can Surface Anywhere

Notable helps convert every space, into creative space.

Office buildings–Turn every wall into a springboard for opportunity.

Schools and universities–Creative interactions flourish when dry erase boards are accessible to learners.

Hotels–Give busy guests and staff quick need-to-know info.

Restaurants–Easily update food and drink specials in both kitchen and dining spaces.

Homes–Merge fun with functional in home offices, kitchens, furnished basements, kids rooms and more.

Notable is for professional use in interior commercial or residential spaces. Afterall, walls are everywhere: Notable helps bring them to life.
An array of painted, wood, glass, metal and laminate surfaces reflects the versatility of of Notable Dry Erase.

Surface Versatility

Notable Dry Erase can be applied to almost any surface:

  • Painted walls
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Laminate
Opt for the classic whiteboard look in Notable White. Or try Notable Clear and transform any new or existing Benjamin Moore color into a dry erase surface.

With Notable on your walls, you can grab your dry erase markers–we recommend Expo Bold for the best results –and let big ideas spring up anywhere.
Notable™ Dry Erase Paint Kit


Notable Dry Erase is a 2-component paint product with a 7-day cure time and a slate of benefits:

  • Easy to erase–Making it easy for fresh ideas to keep coming.
  • No yellowing, cracking or peeling–Notable’s high gloss keeps walls looking ever-fresh.
  • 10-year limited warranty–You won’t need it, but it’s nice to know it’s there.
  • Isocyanate-free–Makes application more user friendly.
  • 4-hour pot life–Other whiteboard paints allow only 1 hour to paint after mixing. We give you more time to get the job done.
  • Watch as our experts prep and apply Notable Dry Erase Paint in this helpful video.

    Doing Dry Erase Right

    Prepping is key–measure your space and be exact when choosing from 50, 100 or 200 sq. ft kits: Avoid “stretching” Notable dry erase paint so that writing or erasing is never compromised.

    Download the Application Guide in English/Spanish.
    Notable® Dry Erase Paint

    Notable® Dry Erase Paint

    Premium performance dry erase paint that can be applied to almost any surface, in white or clear.

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