The Affinity® Colour Collection

Rustic plank table with grey-blue wall and pomegranates Rustic plank table with grey-blue wall and pomegranates

The Affinity® Colour Collection

The Affinity® Collection’s 144 paint colours are expertly curated to mix and match seamlessly, removing guesswork–and promising a beautiful outcome.

Observe how paint colours flow effortlessly from room to room throughout one home. From neutrals to mid-tones to deeps, with the Affinity® Colour Collection–colour  combinations are easily attainable.
A soft, neutral green accent wall framed by a wooden console

Countless Colour Combinations

A fail-safe way to choose colours that work flawlessly with one another, Affinity® offers a palette of gorgeous colours that simplifies colour selection. No matter what colour you choose in the 144-colour Affinity collection, any other Affinity colour will work well with it.

Here, the hallway painted in Thicket AF-405 creates beautiful colour flow with Constellation AF-540 in the living room beyond.

Science Meets Art

Affinity offers 144 colours formulated to harmonize perfectly.
Here's just a sampling.

A bright entryway in neutral shades includes a staircase, blue chaise and light blue front door.

Colour Selection Crafted by Experts

Whether you are looking for colour flow from room to room or want colours within the same room to coordinate perfectly, Affinity has you covered.

Every one of Affinity’s 144 paint colours pairs easily due to the scrupulous efforts of our colour experts who removed the guesswork often encountered when selecting colour. By carefully evaluating the hue, value and chroma of each colour in the collection, our colour curators created harmonious colour combinations that make colour choices easier than ever before.
Minimalist floral arrangement in green vase against grey-brown wall.

A Range of Colour Options

Whether in one room–or through your entire home–Affinity is a foolproof way to choose colours.

You can harness the beauty of Affinity’s 144 colours in a range of Benjamin Moore products. Bring the Affinity Collection to the interior or exterior of your home with Aura®, Regal® Select, ben® and other premium products.

Stop by your local Benjamin Moore retailer to delve into which product can best bring Affinity® to life for your specific project, and peruse our Product Catalog to see Benjamin Moore’s full premium paint selection.
An animal print-upholstered chair, built-in bookcase in pale gray Nightingale AF-670, and walls painted in Carob AF-160.

Available at Local, Independent Stores Only

The Affinity Colour Collection is available at independently owned paint, decorating and hardware stores. Only our trusted network of retailers are authorized to sell Benjamin Moore paint.

There are over 7,500 of these trusted Benjamin Moore retail partners throughout North America, so find one near you to learn more about Affinity–and to take advantage of their unparalleled expertise.

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A homeowner sampling different interior blue paint colours.

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