Rustic plank table with gray-blue wall and pomegranates

Choose color with confidence from 144 harmonious hues that seamlessly work together for one room or the whole house.

Our Affinity® collection makes it simple to find your perfect color. This collection was designed with color harmony in mind, where the saturation of each color complements the rest, creating color flow and a result you will love.
Minimalist floral arrangement in green vase against gray-brown wall.

Science Behind Harmony

How do we select colors that work together seamlessly? Our experts compiled colors that share one or more key color trait—hue, chroma or value. Hue is the basic color family. Value describes how light or dark a color is. While chroma (or saturation) is the intensity of color. Colors in the same hue that vary in value will always work harmoniously. Same with colors with similar chroma, even if they are different in hue.

Beauty in Harmony

Here is just a sample of the collection, made to instill confidence in your color choice and available exclusively at Benjamin Moore retailers.

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Warm, golden brown reading room with bookshelf

Color with Confidence

Express your color vision with confidence. Achieve tranquility with soft violets, sage and a pop of Bonne Nuit for a creative twist. Bring in organic influences with sophisticated colors such as Jicama, Seedling and Steam for a fresh feel. Confidently spice things up with Salsa Dancing and a little hint of Caliente sprinkled in, while the soft and airy Frostine perfectly complements the seductively rich Dinner Party.


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