Solve issues on the job, whether your focus is commercial or residential painting, with these simple solutions.

A close-up that shows surfactant leaching on a wall.

Fix and Prevent Surfactant Leaching

Eliminate the presence of streaks, spots or residue.

A close-up that shows paint lap marks on a wall.

Prevent Paint Lapping

Learn how to avoid lap marks from the outset.

Paint burnishing

Paint Burnishing and Marring

Avoid or fix issues caused by repeated washing and rubbing.

Paint blistering

Paint Blistering and Bubbling

Stop paint bubbles on surfaces before they start.

Paint sticking

Fix or Prevent Paint Sticking or Blocking

Avoid paint transfer or peeling with these remedies.

Paint cracking

Cracking and Flaking Paint

Learn about what causes the issue and how to fix it.

A close-up of mildew on a wall.

Prevent and Remove Mildew

Get tips to impede and remove mildew from surfaces.

Open can of Benjamin Moore paint.

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