Contractor Tips and Solutions

Get the painting insights you need to succeed, plus How-To videos on best practices when working with Benjamin Moore products.

Paint blistering

Paint Blistering and Bubbling

Paint bubbles can form long after the paint on your walls and ceiling has dried. Take steps to avoid this problem before it occurs.

Paint sticking

Paint Sticking or Blocking

Learn about the causes of paint sticking or blocking and find tips on how to fix this paint problem.

Burnished or marred paint on a wall.

Paint Burnishing or Marring

Understand the causes of paint burnishing or marring and find professional tips on how to prevent this issue.

Paint cracking

Cracking and Flaking Paint

Learn about what causes paint to crack and flake and get help from Benjamin Moore on how to remedy these common issues.

Learn how to fix and prevent lap marks by keeping a “wet edge” while painting from Benjamin Moore.

Lap Marks

Learn how to fix and prevent lap marks by keeping a “wet edge” while painting from Benjamin Moore.

A close-up of mildew on a wall.

Prevent and Remove Mildew

Get tips from Benjamin Moore on how to prevent and remove mildew from any surface.

Surfactant leaching

Surfactant Leaching

Learn how to fix and prevent the appearance of spots or residue on interior and exterior painted surfaces.

Benjamin Moore contractor refinishing kitchen cabinets.

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets and Trim

Thorough prep work and the right product can help you achieve a top-notch cabinetry paint job and the desired high-end finish your customers want.

A light gray coloured house with vinyl siding and two door garage.

How to Paint Vinyl Siding

Help your clients boost curb appeal and save money on re-siding.

Sunshine yellow dresser in gray kid’s room.

How to Paint Indoor Furniture

With the right preparation and high quality paint, a makeover of your clients’ favourite furniture is within reach.

Wood Adirondack chairs painted in a white paint colour.

How to Paint and Stain
Outdoor Wood Furniture

Staining and painting outdoor furniture is a creative way to give your client's outdoor space a fresh new look.

Benjamin Moore How-To video.

How-To Videos

Helpful how-to videos about painting with our products.

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