Maximalism Home Décor Paint Colors

Bold colors. Layered patterns. Amplified design. Explore the “more is more” ethos of maximalism home décor.

A dark purple-painted bedroom with white trim, a black and white striped headboard and pillow, and purple and white blankets. A dark purple-painted bedroom with white trim, a black and white striped headboard and pillow, and purple and white blankets.

Maximalism Home Décor Paint Colors

Bold colors. Layered patterns. Amplified design. Explore the “more is more” ethos of maximalism home décor.

We’ve got a curated selection of vivacious paint colors that synchs with the “go big or go home” maximalist décor trend.

Ready to amplify your interior in line with the high-energy maximalism home décor trend?

The antithesis of minimalism, maximalist interior design is the epitome of “more is more.” From vivacious, bold colors to playful layered patterns, maximalism is rooted in personality. Read on to learn how to energize your interiors with our custom palette of maximalist paint colors.
A bedroom with dark gray—blue painted walls, trim and door, a bright blue ceiling, and a black spindle bed.

The Power of Paint Color & Sheen

You don’t have to invest in a bevy of brand-new furnishings to create a maximalist look: Lean into distinct paint color and engaging sheen choices instead!

Creative paint color and sheen combinations make for statement-making spaces. Start with the colors from our maximalist palette to get your wheels turning, and consider a variety of matte, semi- and high-gloss sheens for added dimension on walls, trim and ceiling.

This bedroom’s aquamarine Naples Blue 2057-30-painted ultra-flat ceiling paired with deep, Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20 satin sheen walls is the ultimate maximalist envelope. The uncluttered décor keeps the room sleek and simple, while a graphic comforter brings on maximalist vibes.
A coral pink-painted dresser in front of a white wall with framed mirrors overhead and house plants.

Use White Paint as a Base for Curated Chaos

White and off-white paint hues offer a clean foundation from which to build your maximalist style.

Backdrops in white let the focus rest on bold furnishings, keeping the curated chaos of maximalist décor intentional and collected. Play with undertones by using a pigmented white hue like warm Acadia White OC-38 or cool Meadow Mist OC-134. Consider wallpaper or a pop of color on an accent wall with balance by way of walls and ceiling in white or off-white hues.

Here, a decorated armoire painted in Coral Gables 2010-40—from our maximalist color palette—steals the show, while white walls in Moonlight White OC-125 offer a soothing backdrop. Simple frames and lush plants finish this chic, maximalist look.
A green-painted living room with a green-printed couch, stone end table, glass coffee table and bookshelves matching the walls.

Monochromatic Maximalism

If you love a sleek monochromatic look, use it to create stunning maximalist style.

In this vivacious, maximalist living room, a homeowner uses two different shades of vibrant green. Further, paint sheen is used creatively, with walls in flat matte Amazon Moss 2037-10 contrasted with doors in semi-gloss Rainforest Foliage 2040-10. The result is a slick look reminiscent of a jungle’s tropical, wet leaves. In-set shelving in the same deep green door color highlights architectural details.

You can bring the glossy look of the doors and shelving shown here to your home with ADVANCE® Interior paint, a premium paint that provides a hard, furniture-like finish popular on doors, trim and cabinets.
“Maximalism is steeped in personality—it’s about finding your own personal design style and amplifying it.”

Molly Lynch, Color & Design Expert

A red-painted living room with a white fireplace mantel, ceiling and trim, a white sofa and black sofa, classic decor and dark decorative floor.

Make Paint Choice Personal

Just like the unique nature of maximalist interior design, choosing paint colors is deeply personal.

Speak to your maximalist heart with colors that bring you joy. Layer patterns, use eclectic artwork and add one-of-a-kind objet d’art to elevate envelope-pushing designs. And consider saturated paint colors, like jewel tones, to finish the look.

Here, walls painted scarlet Cochineal Red CW-330, from our maximalist color palette, set off a bright Capitol White CW-10-painted fireplace and ceiling. Layered toile patterns, a funky armchair, and a variety of personal treasures make this a haven of maximalist style.
A black-painted wall and mantel with a multi-red pebble fireplace, a gold mirror and sconces, and red and white decorative items on the mantel.

Dark Neutral Paint Colors

Maximalist décor is all about drama, and nothing is more dramatic than big, bold colors. If you want to go big with color, while keeping things livable and composed, dark neutrals offer a stable, striking solution.

Inky black with subtle undertones, moody charcoal grays, and rich brown hues are statement-making, yet still deliver a stylish, yet sustainable backdrop.

Here, the walls and fireplace mantel in Jet Black 2120-10 elegantly set off a cornucopia of colorful decorative items, while a gilded mirror and matching wall sconces break up the wall’s depth with just-right glimmer.
White painted walls with dark brown palm leaf stencils and straw hats hanging above a rattan and cloth loveseat, and a beige rug.

Paint + Stencils: Stencil It In

Feeling creative? The just-right choice of lighthearted wall stencils adds maximalist vibes to any space. Have fun with the placement and volume of stencils, and revel in their uniquely-you outcome.

Richly painted stencil graphics are as eye-catching as the most saturated paint color. Here, depth is layered into the space with dark brown palm fronds painted in Night Horizon 2134-10.

Add three-dimensional ornamentation to elevate your stencil/paint look further. Here, straw sun hats amp up the tropical vibes against elegant Linen White OC-146 walls.

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Gray dining area featuring a rustic table with books, vases, and branches, and chair topped with white fur blanket.

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