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A Conversation with Wesley Moon

Learn about how to expertly curate interior and exterior spaces with Wesley Moon.

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From the library of his New York City apartment, interior designer Wesley Moon discusses creating a connection, evoking a reaction from design, and more.

All About the Client

Moon believes that creating a successful interior is about catering to the client. Three things he tries to achieve for every engagement include:

  • Understanding who they are
  • Knowing where they’re coming from
  • Focusing on how to best translate their design dreams into a livable space

“The interior design industry definitely has a language, and as designers, we know that language, but you have to keep in mind your clients may not,” explains Moon, going on to cite one of his most critical questions: Has the client ever worked with a designer before?

Recently, Moon designed a home for a client who wanted an authentic beach house theme. Moon wanted the space to feel authentic and detailed, without coming across as cliché. “I didn't want it to be predictable and I didn't want it to just be surface,” explains Moon. “We created this under-the-sea powder room by using a mural wallpaper from Pierre Frey and then yes, I included a seashell mirror–I had to. I had the entire vanity encrusted in seashells. I had a ceramicist make a sink that looks like a giant clam with an octopus coming out of it.”

“Take it all the way,” says Moon. “If you're going to do it, commit and go there. It's going to get a reaction.”

Bringing the Indoors Out

For Moon, taking it all the way means giving thought to the exterior spaces as well as the interiors. “I always think of them as outdoor rooms, even if they're not covered.”

“Anytime you have outdoor space, you need to think about how it’s going to tie to what's on the inside. Because you want to bring the outside in, but then you should take a little bit of inside out,” explains Moon. “Your outdoor space should be beautiful.”

Another important aspect of outdoor spaces? “I always think about how to create a proper seating area. There's a ton of ways that you can make an outdoor space just as comfortable as an indoor space, and just as stylish.”

Interiors as a Reflection

“I love to be surrounded by books,” says Moon, citing British journalist Holbrook Jackson as saying: Your library is your portrait. “I think that's true for a library, I think it's true for your art collection, and it's certainly true for your home,” says Moon.

“It's important that your home be your portrait. It's important that when someone sees where you live, they understand who you are inside and that's the connection you, as a designer, are responsible for making.”

A vase of flowers sits on a small, square bedside table next to an open window framed by a gauzy white curtain and a light blue wall.

Your Personal Color Palette

Learn how to foster your color confidence.

Wesley Moon

Wesley Moon

"It's about using an unexpected color palette."

A sun-dappled home exterior painted in a creamy beige with deep sage green-painted doors and trim with an alfresco seating area.

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