AURA® Interior Paint

Four gallons of AURA Interior paint in semi-gloss, matte, eggshell and satin finishes.

AURA® Interior Paint

If you want breathtaking color with unparalleled depth and richness, you’ll find it in Benjamin Moore’s most premium paint, AURA® Interior.

Already in a class by itself for deep, rich color that lasts, we’ve elevated AURA Interior even further. Our ultra-premium interior paint is now even more beautiful, more durable, and longer lasting than ever before.
Experience the next generation of AURA Interior, the Benjamin Moore interior paint that is truly in a class by itself.

The Best Interior Paint Just Got Better

Explore how Benjamin Moore improved upon paint perfection with its latest formulation of AURA Interior, our most premium interior paint.

A new proprietary resin, our system of enhanced pigments, and other cutting-edge chemistry from our R&D lab heighten the beauty and performance of AURA Interior paint.
A chemist in the Benjamin Moore R&D lab works on the paint formulation for AURA Interior paint.

3 Winning Reasons AURA Interior is the Best

AURA’s advanced formula includes three key elements that set it apart:

  • AURA’s new acrylic resin, available only in AURA Interior, uses a unique and proprietary formulation of copolymers that increase film durability.
  • Exclusive to AURA paint, Color Lock® ensures long-lasting color by seamlessly locking pigments into the film of AURA paint.
  • Benjamin Moore’s proprietary Gennex® colorant—available in all our premium paints.
A white and gray striped wall being painted with AURA Interior paint in a dark blue using a roller.

Paint, Perfected

AURA Interior continues to redefine what the highest quality luxury paint should be, not only in its appearance, but also in its performance.

AURA Interior creates a fortress of color that beautifies and protects interior surfaces. AURA Interior paint:

  • Delivers excellent hide and holds its sheen in one and two coats, including bare sheetrock in most cases.
  • Resists color rub-off, even in deep reds.
  • Supports washable walls: Typical household stains wash off easily when tested with AURA Interior in eggshell finish.
Aura® Exterior Paint

AURA® Exterior Paint

Get ultimate performance and color for your home exterior.

AURA® Bath & Spa

AURA® Bath & Spa

Experience a luxurious paint with matte finish, formulated for high-humidity environments.

A selection of Benjamin Moore paint color samples.

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Finalize your color choice by viewing paint colors in your space.

Four young adult friends gather in a room that they are painting.

What's Your AURA?

Benjamin Moore explores paint color palettes and personal auras with the help of celebrity aura reader Mystic Michaela.