Bedroom Style Ideas


Bedroom Style Ideas

Explore paint colors that breathe both relaxation and refinement into your bedroom with an expert look at neutrals, patterns and bold accents.

Ready to revive your bedroom? Celebrated Canadian-based designer Brian Gluckstein adds his designer insights to those of Benjamin Moore’s Color and Design Team. Plus, don’t miss our “at-a-glance” tips for bedroom color.

"Balboa Mist OC-27, Metropolitan AF-690 and Thunder AF-685 are a few of our favorites when it comes to neutrals in the bedroom; all three are calming and versatile."

—The Benjamin Moore Color and Design Team
A green-gray bedroom with green accents

For the Pattern Enthusiast

Print and pattern help create a color roadmap for any room. Drawing out one–or more–colors from a print is a safe way to create color harmony when designing a space. Mixing and matching different patterns can be achieved several ways: One way is to use related colors to tie patterns together. Another is taking a portion of the motif or shape and have that represented in another print but on a different (larger or smaller) scale. Pair perceptibly different patterns, like a floral and a stripe, for a look that’s equal parts creative and calculated. For texture, layer a variety of seasonally-appropriate fabrications with patterns to add dimension–think silk shantung, velvet, wool, cashmere, linen or cotton.
A bright patterened comforter awakens a neutral bedroom

Patterns Add Drama

"Bold patterns in rich hues make a statement in the bedroom," adds Brian Gluckstein. "Give them the right backdrop with a complementary paint color. While a neutral color may seem like an obvious choice to let the pattern take center stage, drawing a dramatic color from the bedding can also create a striking combination. Consider using a combination of colors such as dark trim and lighter walls or vice versa to develop a more sophisticated palette in the room."
A bold accent wall complements a navy and gray bedding set

For the Fan of the Bold Accent

From an adventurous accent wall to a high contrast trim, Benjamin Moore paint colors can help add design impact in your bedroom. The airy, striated designs in this bedding open the door for bold color synergy, here in a Steel Wool 2121-20 headboard wall. The deep navy punctuates the room with navy's notable sense of stability.

From an adventurous accent wall to a high contrast trim, Benjamin Moore paint colors can help add design impact in your bedroom or guest room.
A neutral room with gray walls and a gray couch

At-a-Glance: Color Tips for Your Bedroom

  • Warm colors (red, yellow, orange) invigorate and energize
  • Cool hues (blue, green, grey) lend a calming vibe
  • Deep saturated colors create a cozy environment
  • Pale shades breathe a feeling of fresh air into any room

Keep in mind that the above guidelines are impacted by lighting. Buy a pint sample of the color you are considering and observe it in a range of lighting conditions—from day to evening to artificial—for a "no surprises" approach.

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