Pink Paint
Colour by Family

Light pink-painted dining room walls with a long wooden table, matching chairs and bench seating. Light pink-painted dining room walls with a long wooden table, matching chairs and bench seating.

Pink Paint
Colour by Family

Whether you are looking for a cheerful cherry blossom or an eye-catching fuchsia, pink is a flattering paint colour that works wonders in any space. Let’s find the perfect pink paint colour for you!

Brighter, sweeter pink paint colours work well as accents or in rooms that have a lot of natural lighting. More muted, pale pink hues are great for entire rooms, and can make a space feel fresh and inviting.

Most Popular Pink Paint Colours

Here are a few of our homeowner favourite pink paint colours, including First Light 2102-70, a former Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year.

Vibrant living room with white beam ceilings and a light pink-painted accent wall featuring three chairs and a sofa.

Pink Living Rooms

Pink walls in living rooms are both comforting and sophisticated, ideal for a space where you love spending time. Here, an accent wall in First Light 2102-70 provides a burst of blush beside walls and ceiling in White Heron OC-57. Explore the expertly curated colour palette themed around First Light 2102-70 for more pairing-with-pink colour inspiration!

Light pinks like Opal OC-73, Head Over Heels AF-250 and Tissue Pink 1163 are also favourites for living rooms. Looking for something bolder? Try Royal Flush 2076-20, a vibrant fuchsia, paired with a warm neutral, like Sonnet AF-55.
Olive green-painted walls with a light pink-painted ceiling and a muted green fireplace mantle.

Pink Complementary Colours

‘Complementary’ colours is the term for hues that sit opposite of each other on the colour wheel—learn more in our colour wheel video.

When thinking of pink complementary colours, look to the many shades of the green colour family. Pair a blush pink with a grounded green for beautiful balance: This seating area features a stately fireplace and walls painted in Desert Twilight 2137-40 and Sea Haze 2137-50 while the ceiling adds whimsy in Touch of Pink 2008-70. Soft pink paint colours offer a refreshing alternative to white ceilings, adding a design edge to the often overlooked “fifth wall.”

Foggy Morning 2106-70 is another favourite neutral pink; we love pairing it with Tarrytown Green HC-134 or Garden Oasis 699 for stylish contrast.
Bold pink-painted bathroom walls with matching wainscoting and a white clawfoot tub.

Think Pink Paint for Your Morning Routine

Ready for the day? Wake up feeling refreshed with pink bedroom walls in Proposal AF-260, Mellow Pink 2094-70 or Odessa Pink HC-59. Pink is a favourite homeowner choice for both bedrooms and bathrooms, a flattering colour that adds a soothing glow to any space.

This Fruit Shake 2088-60–painted bathroom offers a refreshing, yet sophisticated sanctuary. A happy hue sets the scene to invigorate in the morning, and wind down at night. Looking for an idea for wainscoting? Try using the same colour as the upper wall but in a different sheen. Surround yourself with this mood-boosting pink while highlighting the architectural details in the space.
Soft white- and yellow-painted bedroom with beanbag chair, cluttered corkboard, white desk, and bedspread with two-toned bedding.

Pink-Painted Kids’ Rooms

Looking for the perfect colour for your kids’ room? Pink bridges the gap between fun and function, breathing playfulness into the space where your child studies, sleeps and daydreams. Use a more neutral hue, like Bashful 1171, so you can accent with bold colours on furnishings and throw pillows, and change them out as your children grow.

In this teen’s bedroom, an accent wall featuring the peach-toned Soft White 2170-70 and Hawthorne Yellow HC-4 offers graphic interest next to classic white walls in Simply White OC-117, a former Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year.
White bedroom with white bed and matching bedding, multicoloured pillows, geometrical end table with books and a stuffed dog.

Vibrant Pink

Pink offers a surprising range that livens up any space. Bring some drama with deep magentas and bold fuchsias, or brighten up a small space with an invigorating playful pink.

Add a touch of glamour to your bedroom by using more vibrant pinks as an accent or feature colour. This ceiling painted in Twilight Magenta 2074-30 draws the eye up against walls in Paper Mache AF-25, providing a pop of colour in this crisp room.

Looking for an eye-catching pink paint colour? We suggest Crushed Berries 2076-30 and Cranberry Cocktail 2083-20.
Light pink-painted walls with an open door leading out to a room with off-white-painted walls.

Pink & Neutral Paint Colours

An inviting palette of pinks and neutrals transforms common rooms into soft spaces to relax. Pink works well with cool grays and warm taupes, ideal for enhancing your neutral bedroom and living room designs.

Strike the perfect balance by using neutrals in transitional spaces like hallways and entryways that lead you to rooms in fresh pinks. Here, a hallway painted in Baby Fawn OC-15 opens to a room in Pleasant Pink 2094-60, allowing colours to transition smoothly from room to room.

Consider these winning pink and neutral pairings for your home:
Peach-painted bedroom walls with a green chevron chair, side table, and bed featuring pink bedding.

White Trim & Ceiling Colours for Pink Walls

Now that you've found your perfect pink wall colour, complete the look with a classic white-painted trim and ceiling. White Opulence OC-69 and Atrium White OC-145 are two of our favourites, since they have a soft hint of blush to them.

Looking for a crisp, clean white paint colour? Chantilly Lace OC-65 is considered one of our brightest white paint colours and a go-to for trim and ceiling. To keep it simple, use the same white paint colour on the trim and ceiling, but change up the sheen for a slight contrast.

Here, the subtle pink of White Opulence OC-69 provides a soft and inviting colour for any room, paired beautifully with walls in Pristine OC-75. Bold pink bedding and a patterned chair complete the look. Explore more relaxing bedroom colours.
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