Green Paint
Colour by Family

Fernwood green wall with wood mortar and pestle set on a lazy susan. Fernwood green wall with wood mortar and pestle set on a lazy susan.

Green Paint
Colour by Family

Turn over a new leaf: we offer hundreds of green colours for every style of home, from fresh and mossy hues to deep emeralds and forest greens. Whether online or in-store, let us help you find the best Benjamin Moore shade of green paint for your next project.

Infinitely versatile, green paint is a homeowner favourite, with muted greens adding nature-infused tranquility, and brighter ones offering sophisticated charm.

Warm + Cool + Most Popular Paint Colours

Here are some of our most popular shades of green including October Mist CC-550, the Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year 2021.

A modern green-painted kitchen with cut flowers and granite countertops.

A Palette for Every Palate

Soft green hues are always popular in home interiors, creating relaxing bedrooms, spa-like bathrooms, and soothing green living rooms. In the kitchen, on both walls and cabinetry, green is a much-loved colour. With its tie to nature, green connotes a healthy energy perfect for cooking, snacking and sipping.

Throughout any home, pale greens make a great alternative to white. Halo OC-46, and Meadow Mist OC-134 are both light green paint colours that are breezy and inviting. Silvery greens like Titanium OC-49 and Gray Cashmere 2138-60 deliver a sense of Zen to any space, adding a touch of distinction.
A green-painted living room with matching green mantel and fur throw.

Mix & Match

On the colour wheel, the complementary colour to green is red, a colour combination that opens up opportunities for playing with tone and saturation. For example, consider the softer edges of red–think a light blush–when approaching this lively colour scheme. Here, a ceiling in the palest of pinks pairs beautifully with walls painted in subtle shades of olive green.

Green paint colours go deeper with jewel tones, creating elegant contrast against almost any neutral shade, including white, gray, beige and black.
A gray-painted house with green-painted accents and hedges lining the walkway.

Green Accents Outdoors

The right hue of green paint on a home’s exterior synchronizes with natural surroundings while adding design interest that transcends the classic white or off-white exterior. Here, trim and accents painted in earthy Gloucester Sage HC-100 harmonize seamlessly with the warm tones of Sag Harbour Gray HC-95.
A Benjamin Moore paint colour sample.

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Ideas & Inspiration

Spark your creativity with a range of design and colour ideas for your home.

A homeowner sampling different interior blue paint colours.

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