Color Stories®

Unique colors that respond beautifully to light.

A bedroom with two painted walls, one in a soft yellow-green, and the other in an aquatic deep blue, and a bed with gray bedding, and a green and white accent pillow. A bedroom with two painted walls, one in Lilianna CSP-855, a soft yellow-green, and the other in Stained Glass CSP-685, an aquatic deep blue.

Color Stories®

Unique colors that respond beautifully to light.

A stunning range of color characteristics come to life in this sophisticated collection of 240 colors.

With its accentuated response to light and multi-pigment formulation, Color Stories® is truly unique. We invite you to delve into this color collection's wide range of hues, from saturated and bold to soft pales and neutrals, and make them your own.

Color Stories® Collection

A series of striking hues crafted to take on different appearances as the light changes.

Color Stories® colors are only available in select premium interior products. Contact your locally owned store for more information.
A bedroom in varied gray tones features a contemporary red accent chair and two windows with a view of outdoor greenery.

A Heightened Color Aesthetic

Each of Color Stories' 240 paint colors is influenced by the light in a room, highlighting subtle undertones and color characteristics.

This intriguing collection’s precise color formulation includes:

  • The omission of black or gray colorants, resulting in a more nuanced approach to color creation.
  • Traditional methods use 2-3 pigments; Color Stories® elevates color with a blend of approximately 5-7 pigments in each color.
A residential kitchen with two exposed wooden shelves showcase bowls and plates against a light blue colored wall.

Paint Color? Or Evocative Storyteller?

Every Color Stories® color tells a unique tale that evokes emotion and feeling through color. Intuition CSP-610, seen here, inspires with its own story: A soft infusion of blue that feels just right, like a bird’s egg or a spring wildflower.

Color Stories® is a collection for the color curious; it’s for those who appreciate the subjectivity of color, and all the nuances and variations therein.
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A homeowner sampling different interior blue paint colors.

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