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From a recently finished apartment project in Palm Beach, FL, interior designer Brian Gluckstein talks about the eclectic mix of design elements—and the importance of the owner’s personal style—that makes any project a success.

“I love the contrast of mixing periods and styles,” muses Gluckstein, “Whether it's modern art and traditional furniture…or traditional furniture and modern architecture.” Gluckstein notes that this “mix” is vital to create “spaces that have personality, and that really reflect the homeowner and create visual stimulation.”

Establishing “the Mix”

The layers of home furnishings and accessories, color, the built space itself, and of course the personalities of his clients are the elements that make up Gluckstein’s approach to the just-right design mix.

“I often take influence from not only the client, but the built environment that we're working in,” says Gluckstein. He also cites that in his firm’s contemporary and modern work, they “bring in pieces from the past that add soulfulness to the space.”

The Palm Beach design reflects this eclectic approach: “We have the mixture of wicker chairs designed by Jean-Michel Frank in the 1930s, we have Murano light fixtures from the 40s. In a different environment, it could look very formal, but in this environment, it looks relaxed. I chose a gilded mirror for the dining room and it has a shell motif, but it is in a dining room suite that is sisal carpet and feels very beachy.”

Glamour Plus Casual

The owner of the Palm Beach design project has a glamourous side which Gluckstein weaves effortlessly into the space while balancing a relaxing, beach vibe. By way of example, he nods to the open doors blowing the gorgeous linen drapery in a space that also invites you to sit around in shorts and a t-shirt, gazing at the ocean.

“How do you bring glamour to a space that is so informal?” asks the designer. “I think we really achieve that here. I think the consistency throughout the space is the relaxed materials, whether they're the sofas or the chairs, it's all about linens and cottons. There's a little bit of velvet to add some glamour, but most of the materials are very tactile and very relaxed. And I think that's what makes the space so very comfortable and allows us to bring in a lot of the eclectic and more glamorous elements. Little touches throughout this apartment really have personality and reflects the owner. And to me, that is so important because all of our spaces look different and they should look different because they are designed to reflect the homeowner and the environment.

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Brian Gluckstein

Brian Gluckstein

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