Essential Paint Supplies for Your Painting Project

Painting supplies including a metal paint tray, an angled sash brush, a paint roller and a plastic drop cloth. Painting supplies including a metal paint tray, an angled sash brush, a paint roller and a plastic drop cloth.

Essential Paint Supplies for Your Painting Project

Kicking off any painting project starts with the right paint tools and accessories tools. Gather the right DIY supplies all at once and save time when you’re ready to start !

Make your next painting project easy and affordable. The Benjamin Moore Painting Tool Kit covers all the basics, and sets you up for success. Here is a breakdown of the basic painting tools that are included.
A metal paint tray.

A Durable Paint Tray

A sturdy metal paint tray is crucial when you are using a paint roller to apply Benjamin Moore paint.

“The ribbed, roll-off area helps remove excess paint,” explains Mike Mundwiller, Field Development Manager at Benjamin Moore. This feature is important for striking the right balance of holding plenty of paint on your microfiber roller cover (read more about rollers below), and avoiding a too-thick layer of paint on your wall.
A plastic paint tray liner.

Sturdy Plastic Paint Tray Liners

Plastic tray liners help with fast and easy clean up. We recommend disposable plastic liners made from recycled plastic.

“When you’re done painting for the day, simply pour the excess paint from the liner into the paint can, then throw the liner away in your recycling bin,” says Mundwiller. “This way, your paint tray stays clean, and is ready to go for next time.”
An angled sash brush with a wood handle.

High-Quality Angle-Sash Paintbrush

“When it comes to paintbrushes, synthetic bristles—like nylon or polyester—are the most practical,” explains Mundwiller. “Synthetic bristles are the most popular with both homeowners and painting professionals.”

Here’s what you need to know about angled sash paintbrushes:
  • Bristles are cut at an angle
  • Angled paintbrushes are the best for cutting in.
  • Preferred paintbrush for painting larger trim, woodwork, and molding—any surface that requires detail painting work.

Get more tips on choosing the best paintbrushes for interior projects.
A metal paint roller frame with a black handle.

Roller Cage Frame

“Just like a paintbrush, your roller frame should feel comfortable in your hand,” suggests Mundwiller. “The right roller cage should ideally roll on paint smoothly, as well as keep levels of fatigue low while you are painting.”

Visit your local Benjamin Moore retailer to test out paint roller frames first-hand.
A white paint roller cover.

Microfiber Paint Roller Cover

Microfiber paint roller covers hold up to three times more paint than standard roller covers.

DIYers and painting professionals alike love microfiber rollers for the smooth finish. “Microfiber rollers work well with all paints, enamels and sheens,” says Mundwiller, “And they are especially great for a semi-gloss and high-gloss interior paint like ADVANCE®, which is designed for doors, trim and cabinetry.”

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A plastic drop cloth.

Plastic Drop Cloth

A plastic drop cloth makes it easy and efficient to protect your floors and furniture against spills and drips. Like plastic tray liners, you can easily throw away a plastic drop cloth once your job is finished for quick and easy clean up.

You can always invest in a reusable, washable canvas drop cloth if you plan on painting frequently.

The Benjamin Moore Painting Tool Kit includes all the basics on this page, so you're always ready for your next project.
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