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Drake/Anderson recommends Decorator's White OC-149 and Mayonnaise OC-85 on trim, mouldings and ceiling.


How do you ensure visual cohesion from room to room?

I always start with one room, usually the "main event," a living room, guest room or family room. Then build out the adjacent spaces from there. Finite spaces, bedrooms or others, can be individual events.

If going with classic white colour on trim, moldings and ceilings, what do you use?

Decorator's White OC-149 is my current favourite, and for many years I loved Mayonnaise OC-85.

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D'Aquino Monaco frequently paints ceilings in Whitewater Bay OC-70.

D'Aquino Monaco

What drives your colour decisions?

Anything and everything from pieces of clothing, fabrics to barks of trees, stones, and yarn. And of course, we pull out our fan decks and our full sheet samples.

What is your favourite colour for interiors? Exteriors?

Our projects are so varied, we don't have a constant, and the work is ever changing. Lately we do happen to use Whitewater Bay OC-70 on ceilings a great deal.

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Cullman & Kravis's paint colour favourites include White Dove OC-17 on trim, and Lancaster White OC-144 on exteriors.

Ellie Cullman, of Cullman & Kravis

What are your favourite colours for interiors? Exteriors?

White Dove OC-17, especially from trim. It has lots of character, and it's not too bright, nor too gray. Lancaster White OC-144 is always an exterior favourite.

Are there any new and inspiring ways that colour has impacted your design work?

We recently completed a project in Miami for a family obsessed with colour. The architecture of the residence flowed from room to room without any "breaks." So we left all the walls a crisp white, but painted wide, horizontal bands of colour to set off the various rooms. For example, we painted a swath of bright orange in the living room beneath one of their paintings—such fun!

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Timothy Corrigan recommends neutral Pittsfield Bluff HC-24 as a great paint colour for artwork.

Timothy Corrigan

What is your favourite colour for interiors? Exteriors?

I recently discovered Pittsfield Buff HC-24 and used it for my living room and study; it is an incredible colour that provides a great backdrop for artwork.

Any colour tips or predictions?

While it can be difficult to get the exact tone right, I see yellow becoming more popular as people look to bring a sunnier, happier feeling into their homes.

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Paloma Contreras recommends White Dove OC-17 for any room, and shares her liking for moss green and berry tones.

Paloma Contreras

What is your favourite colour for interiors? Exteriors?

Without a doubt, Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17, which I find works beautifully in every space.

What are your favourite colours for clients?

Each of my projects is quite different from the next, but I personally always find myself circling back to moss green and berry tones.

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