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Suzanne Kasler recommends White Dove OC-17 for both interior and exteriors.

Suzanne Kasler Interiors

Do you have a favorite colour for interiors? Exteriors?

I love all Benjamin Moore white paint colours; they have the best range for both interiors and exteriors. I continue to go back to my favourite, White Dove OC-17 for both interiors and exteriors.

What role does light play in colour selection?

Light is so much a part of the colour decision. For example, a Florida home will have a completely different colour palette and hue than a city apartment.

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Meg Joannides recommends Oxford White CC-30, White Dove OC-17 and China White OC-141.

MLK Studio

When designing a home, do you identify a colour theme for each room?

A colour theme for each room is important, but should be thought of as chapters of a book. Each room should be its own anecdote, but together the rooms must all work in harmony to create one cohesive vision.

What are some of your favourite colours to work with?

Oxford White CC-30 is a nice, fresh white that I tend to use often for trim. I do use a lot of white—other favourites are White Dove OC-17 and China White OC-141.

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Matthew Patrick Smyth recommends Notre Dame CSP-570, White Opulence OC-69 and Wrought Iron 2124-10.

Matthew Patrick Smyth Interior Design

What paint colour do you prefer for interiors and exteriors?

Notre Dame CSP-570 is my favourite dark colour for interiors. White Opulence OC-69 is my favourite new go-to light colour. For exteriors I just painted my house in Wrought Iron 2124-10.

How do you work with bolder colours?

Certain spaces lend themselves naturally to bold colours. Natural light, and how the room is used and when, are also factors. Dining rooms, for instance, are traditionally places to turn up the volume. They are primarily used at night, and should be memorable, entertaining, or intimate, all of which can be controlled by the use of colour.

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Kristine Paige recommends White OC-151, Hale Navy HC-154, Batik AF-610, and Chambourd AF-645.

Jackson Paige Interiors

What are some inspiring, new ways you've recently used colours?

We are using bold geometric shapes in some of our paint applications. And in more austere projects, we have been using limewashes and plaster.

What are some of your favorite colours?

White (White OC-151), Navy Blue (Hale Navy HC-154), Dusty Rose (Batik AF-610), Bordeaux (Chambourd AF-645). In general, I like white, gray, and black.

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Tracy Morris recommends Edgecomb Gray HC-173 and Revere Pewter HC-172.

Tracy Morris Design

What are your go-to paint colours?

Edgecomb Gray HC-173 is a versatile colour I keep going back to; it works for so many different spaces and styles. For exteriors I love Revere Pewter HC-172, which works great on interiors as well.

Do colour trends and forecasts have an impact on your work?

I try to keep to a classic palette and avoid things that will date a space quickly. If clients are looking to incorporate more 'of the moment' colours, I use them in smaller accessories so they can be swapped out easily.

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Mariem Horchani recommends Downpour Blue 2063-20.

MHM Interiors

What colours rise to the top for your clients?

Right now it's gray, the new neutral. My clients clamour for it. For exteriors, it's still gray, though we have fun with doors. Recently, I painted a client's front door in Downpour Blue 2063-20; it looks fabulously sophisticated, yet full of character!

What do you think about the use of bold or saturated colour?

Bold and saturated hues stimulate the brain and emotions and keep your eyes moving around the space. I think of them in the same way that a vibrant artwork is a focal point and draws your eye to it.

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Brian Gluckstein recommends beautiful saturated paint colours on walls.

What's new in your colour repertoire?

We're using a lot of beautiful saturated paint colours on walls, trim and doors. It adds a nice drama to a space. We're also painting trim to match bold wallcoverings and grass cloths. And I love a door or ceiling that isn't just painted white.

How do you ensure visual cohesion from room to room?

I always build an overall palette for the house and vary the intensity and accents from room to room. I might go lighter in the living room and then more dramatic in a library or dining room and then change up the accents in a bedroom.

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