A Fresh Look at Monochromatic

Seamless color flow from room to room culminates in a well-considered, visually pleasing space.

Warm berries, crisp blues, earthly greens and soft blushes come together for a monochromatic concept that gracefully breezes through a home.

The Color Palette

This palette of 23 colors offers warm, cool, dark and light layers of the same hue. It's one monochromatic concept gracefully flowing room to room.

A peek through several doorways on the upper level of a residential home show the monochromatic harmony of berry and blush tones.

Go with the Color Flow

The Color and Design Team at Benjamin Moore took a fresh look at monochromatic color combinations when developing the Benjamin Moore Color Trends palette for 2015.

Our experts played with ratio and proportion of color, from room to room. In one room, one color is an accent – while in the next room, it can be the hero, or main color.

Your sightline–or the other rooms you can see from the room you are standing in–is another factor. Monochromatic color schemes empower you to be color diverse, but still present a cohesive, harmonious color flow.
Refreshing greens and yellows flood an enclosed rustic deck.

A Gathering of Green

Nature’s neutral, green is versatility exemplified.

The interplay of several green hues seen in this monochromatic color scheme includes Timothy Straw 2149-40, Split Pea 2146-30 and Guilford Green HC-116, the latter a fresh, silvery sage and Benjamin Moore’s selection for the 2015 Color of the Year. Greens also pair organically with wood, metal and stone.
A bold blue accent wall offsets a black and white graphic painting in a bright hallway.

The Art of Layering

While our palette of monochromatic families makes experimenting with color simple, the results are highly sophisticated.

Colors with deeper saturation can be beautifully offset with a spectrum of lighter hues. Layering these colors, and then adding textures and other materials-think metal, leather, bold prints-evokes color confidence.

Pair with Your Choice of Product

Colors mentioned here are available for use in a range of Benjamin Moore paints. Explore the product that's right for you in The Right Paint or Stain for your Project section.


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