Why Work with Independent Retailers?

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Should you avoid big-box stores, and get your paint from locally owned paint retailers?

Painters make a great choice when they choose to work with one of the 7,500+ independent retailers that sell Benjamin Moore® products. Here's why it matters.

When you see a locally owned paint and hardware retailer with a Benjamin Moore awning or logo, that store is an independent business. They are not franchised. They pay no fees or royalties to Benjamin Moore.

These retailers represent locally owned business at its best.

A Legacy Commitment to Entrepreneurialism

Independent business owner Benjamin Moore made a pledge to support others like him when he and his brother first opened their business in Brooklyn in 1883. They felt strongly about supporting the needs of their local community, and the businesses that serve them.

Warren Buffett reinforced that same pledge in 2001, when his company, Berkshire Hathaway, bought Benjamin Moore & Co. Not only did Buffett promise the retailers that carry Benjamin Moore products that they—not big-box stores—would remain our sole distributors, he committed to staying out of their business-making decisions—except when it comes to Benjamin Moore supporting them with marketing, education, and support.

This rare business relationship has been working, and working well, for 136 years. And its future is bright.

But I'm a Painter:
Why Do Locally Owned Retailers Matter to Me?

Just like most painting contractors, owners of stores that carry Benjamin Moore are passionate entrepreneurs. And working with an independently owned store comes with a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Business-Meets-Community: Many retailers have owned their store for decades, even generations. They are trusted institutions and pillars of their communities. They know the homeowners and businesses you need to reach to earn new painting projects. Relationships are at the core of every successful business, and local retailers know that better than anyone.

  • Superior Service: How often have you struck up a long-term business relationship with a worker at a big-box store? Working with a locally owned store means steady service from people you actually get to know over months and years.

  • Product Knowledge: If they carry Benjamin Moore paint and coatings, our retail partners understand why Benjamin Moore is better, from our ground-breaking Gennex® Color Technology to cutting-edge new products like Scuff-X®. Need additional answers? Benjamin Moore’s nationwide team of Contractor Representatives and our Customer Support team are also at your service.

  • Organic Lead Generation: Your success is their success. From word of mouth job leads for both residential and commercial projects, independently owned and operated retailers are truly vested in your accomplishments.

  • Trouble Shooting: Painting projects have their issues. When things go wrong, local retailers are typically eager to help you get your project back on track again. It’s a team outlook–even when it comes to the bumps in the road.

  • Agile Product Access: Looking for a specific Benjamin Moore product or coating? Unlike slow-moving corporate-owned stores, independent retailers are nimble, stocking their stores based on contractors’ needs and marketplace demand. Bottom line: If there is a specific product you need, you can order it through Benjamin Moore, then pick it up at your local paint retailer.

Entrepreneurialism and Excellence

As a business, Benjamin Moore honors its commitment to home-grown, local businesses every day.

As North America’s leading manufacturer of quality residential and commercial paint, color and coatings, Benjamin Moore’s committed to innovation is equally robust.

From chemists committed to creating new state-of-the-art paint and coatings to sustainable manufacturing processes, to helping retailers and painting contractors get business done with greater ease to help increase their sales, the entrepreneurial spirit that launched Benjamin Moore is alive and well.

Ready to connect with your Benjamin Moore retailer? Find a store that carries Benjamin Moore near you or get in touch with your local Contractor Rep.

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