Creating a Whole House Color Palette

Young Huh Explains the Color Journey

Read What Young Huh Has to Say:

We join New York-based interior designer Young Huh from the Studio Four showroom to discuss all the elements to consider when creating a full house color palette.

First off, Huh says it is essential to consider the actual house in its totality. Considerations include:

  • What sort of house is it?
  • Is it traditional?
  • Is it modern?
  • Is it very cold light?
  • Is it a really sunny house?

All of those details, and many more, will influence the color choices that are ultimately made for a house.

Diversify Color

“A whole house doesn't all need to match,” says Huh—but also cites the need for harmony. “Think about your color shifts going from one room to another room, but the whole house doesn't all need to be one note.”

“Do you want the house to be very tonal, peaceful everywhere? Or do you want some fun, whimsy, romance?” she asks.

Huh considers the entryway as critical to color choices. “Entries are the first welcome to your guests. How do you want people to feel? Do you want to have them enter into a very glamorous space? Or a very easy, casual space?” Consider these answers when you're picking your colors.”

Next in importance? The living room, followed closely by the dining room. “Dining rooms need to be very cozy,” she shares, recommending “something dramatic and warm like a red or a brick.”

Considering Light When Choosing a Paint Color

Identifying where the light is, what the light is doing, different color shifts, and all the varying lighting levels is also key.

Earth tones are incredibly popular right now, and in the showroom, Huh identifies a wallpaper that reflects this trend. She pairs the wallpaper to a fabric, suggesting that If the room is a little darker, you can use more saturated colors to go with earthy palettes.

Color: Always Personal

Huh poses many questions to her clients when formulating their whole-house color palette: What colors do they gravitate towards? What mood and feeling do they want to experience when walking through the rooms?

Based on their replies, Huh gathers paint swatches, fabrics, materials and finishes to show and share. She creates a mood board for every room so they can experience the different color shifts from one room to another.

Once that direction is established, she delves into the design details for each room: Only when the color journey is complete is Huh ready to decorate the house.

Rustic plank table with gray-blue wall and pomegranates.

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Young Huh

Young Huh Interior Design

"Color is what creates the emotion, the visceral reaction we have to a space."

A sun-dappled home exterior painted in a creamy beige with deep sage green-painted doors and trim with an alfresco seating area.

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