Suzanne Kasler breathes sophistication, simplicity and authenticity into every project. By encouraging clients to share inspiration from architecture, art, fashion and travel, she distills their preferences into a distinctive personal vision and style.

HQ: Atlanta, GA. Learn more at Suzanne Kasler and @suzannekasler.

Color and design inspiration flow freely from Suzanne Kasler, Principal of Suzanne Kasler Interiors and one of Atlanta's most respected designers.

How do you define your approach to interior design?

Suzanne:  My philosophy is about creating a lifestyle that reflects the personality of our clients. You don't have to separate comfort and great design. I get involved early in the process with the entire team; the architect, the landscape design team...we work together to create a house that is going to live and flow—where every room is where you want to hang out.

How do you inspire, inform and engage people around your design work?

Suzanne: Today, people don't want just design. They really want a story. You have to forge a relationship with your clients as it's a big commitment to work with a designer, and a more personal reference is important.

On that note, we created a place to share our work and preferences—a sequenced newsletter on our web site called Be Inspired. It covers our design directions and showcases what we're creating; it's in direct response to people wanting to see what we are working on and seeking inspiration.

Glamourous light gray and pale lavender bedroom, paneled walls, large king bed, draped windows and door open to terrace.

Do you have a go-to color or palette that you gravitate towards initially when starting a project?

Suzanne:  My go-to color is Benjamin Moore's White Dove. Even though I consider all the various whites, I continue to come back to White Dove. Even with my penchant for white, one thing that I will consider doing is paint the ceiling a color. In one house, we painted everything white, and the ceiling in a beautiful lavender. The ceiling is frequently overlooked, and, as we all know, it really is the fifth wall.


 - Suzanne Kasler
      Principal, Suzanne Kasler

Suzanne Kasler
Designer Showcase

Take a visual tour of Suzanne Kasler's work which includes a range of styles ranging from traditional to contemporary, with many personal touches in between.

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I am also known for my color palette. When I design, the first thing I do is consider the floor plan with the architect, achieve the right flow, and gain an understanding of how the space will be lived in. After our design concept is presented, I then devote an entire day with the client on the colors of the house.

A critical step is creating a whole reference to the house, starting with the exterior and the front door. I call it creating an 'architectural envelope.' When I was crafting the elements of design for my second book, Timeless Style, I began the dialogue around this 'architectural envelope,' and now it is a signature of my design work.

Entryway with painted molding surrounding matching Palladian style mirrored windows, flanking pediment topped doorway and circular entry table.

Tell us more about how you interact with color and your signature preference for specifying a "single" sheen?

Suzanne: I use color as a strong reference point in a room. I will have them paint the walls, the trim and the ceiling one color in the same finish (sheen level), which the painters sometimes question, as the norm is for ceilings to be painted in a flat paint, walls with matte or eggshell, and the trim with a semi- or high gloss. I explain that it's okay–I just want it to have the same envelope, so the home really is transformed and invites you to come inside. As color changes with various sheen levels, my preference is to have the same light reflectance throughout–delivered by one specified sheen level–which ultimately provides an overall color consistency.

Overall, as you layer in your design composition, the paint serves as this beautiful, really strong architectural feature throughout the house.

What is one of the things you love most about design?

Suzanne: I will tell you what I really love....I do love the simplicity of paint. I love how you can completely transform a space or create a little visual difference by adding a color with a background that's beautifully neutral.

When I am in a room full of beautiful colors, I appreciate how people have become more fun and adventurous in their use of paint, and how they are embracing more interior colors. For me, color underscores the critical element of personal expression and showcasing one's own style.

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