Meet the Designers

Enjoy insights from renowned interior designers—all luminaries in their field, all Benjamin Moore loyalists.

Me and General Design

Me and General Design

“Minimal essentialism with bursts of color defines our aesthetic.”

Wesley Moon

Wesley Moon

"It's about using an unexpected color palette."

Danielle Colding

Danielle Colding

"There's nothing like color for transforming a space."

Eric Cohler

Eric Cohler Design

"Color adds depth to a room."

Paloma Contreras

Paloma Contreras Interior Design

"Paint your room and see how it changes."

Cullman & Kravis Associates

Cullman & Kravis

"You change the wall color, you change the feeling."

D'Aquino Monaco

D'Aquino Monaco

"We use color to entice you through our spaces."



"In our design process, color is very important early on."

Brian Gluckstein

Brian Gluckstein

"Color is probably the most important part of our projects."

Kristine Paige

Jackson Paige Interiors

"Texture and color play a tremendous role in my designs."

JayJeffers, Inc.

JayJeffers Inc.

"Color is instant personality."

Celerie Kemble

Kemble Interiors

"Paint is my most versatile tool."

Matthew Patrick Smyth

Matthew Patrick Smyth Inc.

"When I narrow down how a space should develop, it starts with color."

Mariem Horchani

MHM Interiors

"Paint plays a role very early."

Meg Joannides

MLK Studio

"The color palette is always based on the client's taste."

Suzanne Kasler

Suzanne Kasler

"I do love the simplicity of paint."

Timothy Corrigan

Timothy Corrigan Inc.

"It's about getting people to feel a little more courageous to use color in their homes."

Tracy Morris

Tracy Morris Design

"To me, paint is the biggest bang for anyone's buck."

Young Huh

Young Huh Interior Design

"Color is what creates the emotion, the visceral reaction we have to a space."

Corey Damen Jenkins

Corey Damen Jenkins

"Good design is not really governed by rules because rules are meant to be broken."


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Designer Dialogue

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A sun-dappled home exterior painted in a creamy beige with deep sage green-painted doors and trim with an alfresco seating area.

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