How to Paint a Glitter Wall

Discover the top three elements to look for in a high-quality basecoat for a successful decorative painting project, including glitter walls.

Red glitter wall with gold accents.

Ideal for kids’ bedrooms, an accent wall, or even painted indoor furniture, people love glitter paint for the iridescent shimmer it provides over any base paint color.

While Benjamin Moore does not manufacture glitter paint, we believe that the foundation for any decorative project—especially a glitter wall—begins with an interior paint basecoat.

Check the instructions on the glitter product label you’ve selected for the best guidance regarding specific requirements for success – and test a small section to confirm you get the results you are looking for. The three basics for a successful interior paint basecoat include:

1. Use the Best Interior Paint for Eye-Catching Color

A beautiful base color will maximize the design effect of glitter, so be sure to use a premium line of paint that delivers quality results, like ben® Interior paint. Choosing a premium basecoat/paint color ensures the beauty you are looking for in your glitter wall project.

Looking for the perfect color for your basecoat? Invoke gold with Golden Thread CSP-920, or go bold with gemstone-inspired Mexicali Turquoise 662 and Super Nova 1414. For softer, more neutral basecoat colors, consider Knitted Cape CSP-965 or Coventry Gray HC-169.

2. Choose the right paint finish/sheen.

A smooth finish for your interior paint basecoat is important for most decorative projects, including glitter. In comparison, if your wall has a flat, chalky painted basecoat, decorative paints may “sink in” to the wall surface and lose the desired impact.

We recommend an eggshell finish or higher, like satin/pearl or semi-gloss.

3. Wait for Fully Dry & Cured Painted Walls

Having a dry, fully cured wall/surface on which to apply the decorative paint of your choice can be just as important as proper wall prep. “Dry time” is the time paint needs to dry before you apply another coat, while the cure time is the time a coating needs to exhibit optimum performance results.

Drying typically takes at least 48 hours, however you should always check the label or the product’s Technical Data Sheet for specific dry and cure times. In a hurry? Get tips on how to make paint dry faster.

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