Regal® Select Interior

Cans of Regal Select Interior Paint on a wood tabletop.

Regal® Select Interior

With a newly enhanced formula, Regal® Select Interior provides even longer-lasting, more beautiful results than ever before.

Trusted by generations of professional painters and homeowners, Regal Select Interior is synonymous with durability, washability, and the ability to stand up to everyday wear and tear.
See why newly enhanced Regal Select Interior has been a favorite paint for decades.

The Paint You Love, Now Even Better

Newly enhanced Regal® Select Interior provides greater scuff- and stain-resistance than ever before.

Its proprietary stain-release technology allows for easy removal of everyday spills, stains, and scuffs, delivering unsurpassed durability that stands the test of time.
A young girl standing on a staircase with a cookie in one hand and touching a light gray-painted wall with her other hand.

Facing Tough Stains and Scuffs Head On

Regal® Select Interior helps you stand up to your love for life—and all the messiness that comes with it.

Pencil, crayon, coffee, and other tough stains wash clean without losing color or sheen integrity thanks to Regal’s unique stain-release technology.
A sunlit, blue-gray painted hallway wall with light gray trim, a wood bench with boots underneath, and a coatrack with hanging bags.

Experience Superior Application for Interior Painting Projects

Used by professional painters for over 60 years, Regal® Select Interior just keeps getting better.

Professional-grade highlights include:
  • Conceals existing paint color in fewer coats.
  • Quick-drying formula helps complete projects faster.
  • Unbeatable flow and leveling delivers professional results every time.
  • Stands up to marring and burnishing in addition to everyday stains, spills and scuffs.
A casual off-white sofa with yellow and red pillows against a beige-painted living room wall with peach undertones, contemporary framed art, and a black floor lamp.

Achieve Superior Coverage & Beauty with Regal® Select Interior

Eager to repaint your walls in white, off-white and neutral paint colors? If you’re painting over a vibrant hue, it can often be a challenge.

Good news: With Regal® Select Interior, you can cover up those brighter colors, and do it in fewer coats.

Plus, Regal Select Interior’s paint-and-primer in one provides a great foundation for any painting project.
Check out how Regal Interior’s beautifully smooth finish compares to the competition.

Enhanced Smooth Application

Take a trip to the Benjamin Moore lab where a product development chemist shows how Regal® Interior outperforms when compared to a top competitor.

“You can notice almost immediately that Regal Select has the better uniformity, smoothness and leveling,” says Cynthia Ruiz, Product Development Chemist.

Regal® Select Interior

Regal® Select Interior Paint

Get the paint that’s trusted by generations of professional painters and homeowners.

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