Art Deco & Color

Combine smooth lines, geometric patterns, and rich paint colors to bring a touch of art deco design into any space.

A light-gray-painted built-in hutch with open glass doors, holding colored glassware and plates. A light-gray-painted built-in hutch with open glass doors, holding colored glassware and plates.

Art Deco & Color

Combine smooth lines, geometric patterns, and rich paint colors to bring a touch of art deco design into any space.

Inspired by the glamour and opulence of art deco? Channel the spirit of this sleek design style with our art deco color palette.

A bold green, cheery yellow, dusty rose, elegant navy and two beloved neutrals bring the drama and elegance of art deco style into your home.
A bathroom with off-white-painted walls, a black sink, black lights, and black and white marble chevron floor.

Art Deco: Symmetrical Luxury

Symmetry is a prominent art deco design characteristic. This elegant bathroom offers graceful balance with the help of art deco-inspired sconces, an angular ebony sink, and a gracefully arched rounded mirror. Against walls in soft Pink Damask OC-72 with white-painted wainscoting, the design of this small space is streamlined and simple, yet delivers big impact.

Eye-catching high contrast always comes with the classic combination of black and white. Consider using black and white paint color combinations on walls and trim to reflect the luxury and linearity of art deco style. Some of our favorite black and white hue pairings include:

Cool Whites with Black Hues:
Warm Whites with Black Hues:
A carved bust with jewelry draped over it on a light gray-painted round table with an open drawer, in front of a white-painted wall.

Art Deco Design Style: Go Big With Small Details

Ready for some Great Gatsby vibes? If investing in exotic woods, beveled mirrors and lush leather furniture isn’t in your future, scale down your design approach—with a stroke of kitsch.

Whether it’s a bedazzled bust like the one seen here, or a bold poster of the 1925 Exposition internationale des arts décoratifs et industriels modernes Exposition Internationale Arts Decoratifs—from which the term “art deco” was born—use fun home accessories to celebrate art deco. Here, the distinctive satin lustre of the cool gray-painted antique table—with a pop of color on the inside drawer in berry red Sultan’s Palace 2081-20—is framed beautifully against a white matte gallery-like backdrop in White Dove OC-17.
A bathroom with plum-painted paneled walls and trim, a white pedestal sink and gray-painted door.

Glam & Glossy Painted Surfaces

Roaring ‘20s decadence means gold, steel, metallics, and other high-shine design elements. When it comes to paint color on your walls, using high-gloss finishes effortlessly channels the jazz age.

Here, Carter Plum CW-355 creates sumptuous, attention-getting walls in an elegant powder room. ADVANCE® Interior paint, which provides a furniture-like finish popular for cabinets, enhances the impact of satin-finished walls. Look for pearl/satin, gloss, and high gloss on your next Benjamin Moore paint purchase to bring this look home. If deep plum is a bit too dramatic, consider Amethyst Sky 1447, Cinnamon Slate 2113-40, and Antique Rose 2173-40, from our art deco paint color palette.

Love the color depth of this luxe bathroom? Check out jewel tones for tips on how to use saturated colors and inspiration.
"Use bold, confident hues in a high-gloss sheen to channel art deco glam."

Hannah Yeo, Color & Design Expert

A sunroom with blue-painted walls and trim, a white ceiling, white sofa, and a black and white patterned tile floor.

The Modern Geometry of Art Deco

Bold, linear geometry is popular in a range of quintessential art deco patterns—think zigzag, chevron and trapezoids on fabrics, rugs and artwork. Innately modern, these geometric shapes lay the perfect foundation for creative use of paint color.

Statement-making, art deco colors lean towards the rich and saturated. Inherently opulent paint colors like Old Navy 2063-10, Olympus Green 679 and from our art deco paint color palette, Showtime 293, make a statement against zebra, checkerboard, and any other geometric pattern.

In this monochromatic sunroom, Tranquil Blue 2051-50 on both walls and trim in a soothing matte finish offers a dynamic complement to the chevron tile floors.
A dark, brown-painted entryway with white trim and ceiling, a mirror and table, staircase, and wood floors, looking into a blue-painted room.

Deep, Dark Paint Colors

Deep dark browns and black hues on focal-point furnishings harken back to the popular inlaid hardwoods of ‘20s and ‘30s interior design. Masculine and sumptuous, these mahogany and ebony hues juxtapose beautifully with velvet, leather, and metallic sparkle.

This dramatic hallway, with its sculptural fan and sweeping staircase provides art deco energy at the cross-section of old Hollywood. If you love the look, check out the saturated hues on our page.

Other brown and black paint colors we love include Wenge AF-180, Bittersweet Chocolate 2114-10 and Space Black 2119-10. And consider Amazon Green 2136-30 and Hale Navy HC-154, both from our art deco paint color palette, for their striking color depth.

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