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Design P.O.V.

Benjamin Moore brings you insights and inspiration from a range of highly influential interior designers.

Through dynamic videos, colorful project photos, and candid conversations, Benjamin Moore is pleased to share these voices with you. You'll learn about their approach to design, and discover how each creates interiors that tell their clients' unique stories. Follow Design P.O.V., and get other design inspiration, on our Instagram.
Get a sneak peek at the interior designers featured in the Benjamin Moore Design P.O.V. series.

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Get to know each Design P.O.V. interior designer through insightful videos and in-depth interviews.

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A sun-dappled home exterior painted in a creamy beige with deep sage green-painted doors and trim with an alfresco seating area.

Inside Design

Dive into a wide range of design topics, from choosing the best white paint colors to lighting considerations, and much more in this informative video series.

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Design P.O.V. Designer Dialogue.

Designer Dialogue

As leaders within the design community, color is always top-of-mind. In this section, designers from our Design P.O.V. community share how they use color in their projects, cite favorite interior and exterior hues, give tips on color flow, offer design inspiration and much more.

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The Designer Dialogue Continues.

The Designer Dialogue Continues...

We continue the conversation with Design P.O.V. interior designers who share their go-to paint colors, offer more inspiring color and design ideas, and reveal when it's okay to break the color "rules."

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From shining a spotlight on client work to providing practical tools, Benjamin Moore is committed to supporting designers.

Benjamin Moore Paint Color Sheets for Architects & Designers.

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Streamline and simplify paint specification with the help of Benjamin Moore Paint Color Sheets.

A Manhattan apartment living room with white-painted walls, gray sectional sofas, blue armchairs, and a glass cocktail table.

Designer Color Palettes

See six paint colors selected by renowned designers Drake/Anderson and learn about the project that inspired them.