Tropical Paint Colors

Create a lush oasis in or outside your home with a tropical color palette sure to bring the modern botanical vibes.

A light gray painted home with a blue door and stone front path, situated among tropical trees and vegetation. A light gray painted home with a blue door and stone front path, situated among tropical trees and vegetation.

Tropical Paint Colors

Create a lush oasis in or outside your home with a tropical color palette sure to bring the modern botanical vibes.

Give your space the feeling of a year-round vacation with a modern tropical design style that has enough charm to win over laid-back beach lovers and restless adventurers alike.

Whether you’re seeking to create a plant paradise, Caribbean color scheme, or simply looking for new ways to decorate, bring some flair to your home with lots of greenery and bright paint colors. Accent the jeweled hues of the tropics with patterned floors, natural light, and plenty of fern fronds.
A yellow-green painted wall and archway outside of a white living room with colorful tile floors.

Saturate Your Home with Tropical Wall Colors

Go on, be bold. For a truly tropical paint scheme, make a statement with breathtaking color. Eye-popping yellow-greens, like Savannah Moss 385 or Wasabi AF-430, shown here, are the perfect way to draw attention to unique architectural design and pair nicely with patterned floors. Add furnishings of a similar hue for a monochromatic look reminiscent of a beachside palace.

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A bedroom with blue painted walls, a white ceiling and trim, twin beds and folding stools in blue and white decor.

Weave In a Caribbean Color Scheme

An immersive tropical color scheme can take inspiration from many places: the botanical brightness of a rainforest in a living room, bohemian travels in a Mediterranean kitchen, and the relaxed, beachy vibes of a Caribbean island for a bedroom.

Set your dreams to island time and create your own paradise palette with cool tiled floors, sheer curtains and lightweight bedding surrounded by white and blue paint color combinations, like:
A veranda with orange-painted walls, white posts, trim and doors, a light pink sofa, blue ottomans, and a black-and-white patterned floor.

Decorate with Plants

What would an article on a tropical color palette be without including plants? Whether live or artificial, modern botanical décor is the homebase of a tropical design style. From potted plants in every corner to an ivy-covered trellis in your backyard, take some cues from our color and design experts and learn how to pick the right interior paint to accentuate your plants.

Vibrant foliage brings life to any space, especially when flowering plants lend an extra burst of color. Play off the deep greens with oranges, reds, or a combination of both, like bold Fireball Orange 2170-10, a charged, fiery hue tempered by a hint of brown. Wooden furniture and accents further the natural feel of plant-filled spaces.
"Enhance the breezy hues of our tropical palette with palm fronds, natural accents, and personal affects from your travels."

Molly Lynch - Color & Design Expert

A white-painted kitchen with open shelving, a yellow accent wall, a white table and orange chairs.

Bright & Bold

Brighter and bolder than coastal design, tropical interiors take cues from the colorful surrounding environment. Sunset-inspired yellows, orange, and warm white paint colors bring the relaxed lifestyle of tropical living to any space, no matter the climate you’re living in.

Here, charming Sunflower 2019-30 brightens up an open shelving concept, lending an energized vibe to this dining area. Colorful kitchen chairs, nautical décor, botanical wallpaper, and fun lighting fixtures keep things fresh.
A white-painted house with a wrap-around porch and turquoise shutters, with two large palm trees and tropical plants in front.

Boost Curb Appeal with Lush Exteriors

Don’t just reserve a tropical design style for your backyard or a balcony decorated with plants. Embrace a wild free feel for your home exterior, too. Shutters, doors, and porches are the perfect spots for a burst of bold color, even if you’re keeping the rest of the space neutral.

A few pointers to keep in mind when planning your project:
  • Tropical exterior house colors are heavily influenced by the surrounding foliage. Determine whether you plan to blend in with your surroundings or stand out from them before starting your project.
  • Embrace nature with landscaping that blurs the lines between property and public foliage.
  • A bright white paint color, like White Diamond OC-61, from our Tropical paint color palette, enhances curb appeal without taking attention from greenery or bold shutters. Here, Bahaman Sea Blue 2055-40 pops against this classic white hue.
A selection of Benjamin Moore paint color samples.

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Gray dining area featuring a rustic table with books, vases, and branches, and chair topped with white fur blanket.

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