Stance on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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This year brought a renewed focus on equality and justice in the United States. This energy inspired our Leadership team to look within our company to see how we can improve our efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive environment, both inside and outside our organization.

We communicated our support to help tackle discrimination and bias and will focus on efforts on how we attract external candidates in the Workforce, how we develop a more diverse and inclusive Workplace culture, and how we engage with our customers and community in the Marketplace.

We recognize there are always areas of opportunity, such as increasing minority representation in management roles. In 2020, the first step in our DE&I journey was to listen and learn. To assist us in identifying our strengths and gps in various DE&I areas, we canvassed our employee population by conducting a survey. Those results will be used to shape our go-forward strategy.

Additionally, we will form a Diversity Council to help us evaluate how we raise awareness on the issues impacting minority groups and support initiatives to improve inclusion within Benjamin Moore and our community.

At Benjamin Moore, we strive to ensure that all employees are treated fairly and equitably—from our Open Door philosophy to providing a Harassment-Free environment. We also believe diversity of culture, talent, and varying perspectives is key to a collaborative, innovative, and successful business. We will continue to drive change to help make a more inclusive tomorrow for all of our stakeholders.

Benjamin Moore provided an initial donation of $25,000 to the National Urban League to support historically underserved groups and is working with the organization to build an impactful partnership, on both the local and national level.

"Change is possible, change is inevitable—and right now, it's necessary."

 - Dan Calkins, Chairman and CEO

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We are committed to delivering products to our customers that are innovative, effective, safe and minimize our impact on the environment.

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Our diverse workforce forms one team collectively working towards shared success and continuing a 138 year legacy.

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Our employees are engaged in environmental stewardship at work and in the community.

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Our goal is to inspire and transform communities through partnerships and programs that open doors, provide stability and preserve our history.

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