Colour is the beginning

A perfect colour choice combined with the right paint makes your decision as meaningful
on Day 1,000 as it did on Day 1.


There are many ways to choose the perfect paint colour. And inspiration can come from anywhere. Our experts help you navigate colour families and collections to find the right colours for your home.


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Explore a range of colour palettes developed by our Colour & Design experts.

A light pink wall frames a pink console with gold handles and multiple vases

The Colour of the Year and Colour Trends 2020

Explore the Colour of the Year and the Colour Tends 2020 palette, curated by our colour and design experts.



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We've provided colour basics and key principles to help you select paint colours and create the perfect palette for your home.

Red and blue living room with grey couch

The Psychology of Colour

See how colour and colour combinations influence the mood of a home.

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