Corotech® Video Series


Corotech® Video Series

Instead of just putting our name on our product, we put our product on our name.

See why Corotech® offers all the protection you need–for any size job.
8 Letters. 15 Products. 2000 Pounds of Weight.

Steel. Concrete. Brick. Drywall.

Made from the materials we protect, each letter in our massive C-O-R-O-T-E-C-H structure was gathered from the real world, built from the ground up, and coated with Corotech.
Product Code: V341/V342

Pre-Catalyzed Waterborne Wall Epoxy

Save time and get results with this pre-catalyzed wall epoxy in a durable, ready-to-use waterborne formula.
Product Code: V200/V201

Alkyd Urethane Enamel

Spray, brush or roll: This multipurpose urethane enamel offers a rugged, smooth finish for everyday projects.
Product Code: V131/V132

Universal Metal Primer

Protect ferrous metals from rust and corrosion with this versatile quick-dry product.
Product Code: V440

Waterborne Amine Epoxy

A balance of rugged performance and ease-of-use is delivered by this everyday waterborne epoxy.
Product Code: V300/V330/V331

Acrylic DTM Enamel

Great adhesion to bare metal and more makes this product a must-have for facility managers.
Product Code: V500/510

Aliphatic Acrylic Urethane

Stand up to rain and sunlight with a resilient topcoat that retains colour and gloss.