Ideas for Beautifully Painted Hallways

An off-white-painted wall with a collection of framed art behind a wooden bench and shopping bags. An off-white-painted wall with a collection of framed art behind a wooden bench and shopping bags.

Ideas for Beautifully Painted Hallways

It’s time to upgrade this utilitarian space with hallway decor, from gallery wall art, to a delicate settee, to a just-right entrance table. Add in our hallway paint ideas and get ready to transform these diminutive spaces into colourful, eye-catching corridors.

Hallways and other small spaces create a colour story from room to room. Read on to see some of our best hallway paint colours based on six different hallway styles.
A contemporary hallway in light pink paint, and greige walls, with a modern bench, and circular wall mirror.

1. Neutral Hallway Paint Colours: Versatile & Classic

Neutral hues provide optimal versatility and flexibility between the hallway and the rooms it connects to,” says Arianna Cesa, colour and design expert at Benjamin Moore. Some of our favourite neutrals and grays for hallways include Wind’s Breath OC-24, Collingwood OC-28, and Silver Chain 1472.

For hallways connected to rooms in blues, greens and purples, look to cooler grays or white paint colours. Cool neutrals we love include River Reflections 1552 and Amherst Gray HC-167.

If your home tends towards warm tones—reds, oranges, yellows—try warmer neutrals or white paint colours with warm undertones. Favourite warmer neutrals include Sparrow AF-720 and Edgecomb Gray HC-173.

Here, Soft Satin 2164-60, a subtle pink, gives this hallway a wink of personality while maintaining the adaptability of a neutral. This hallway's colour palette is a beautiful combination of white trim and earthy brown Driftwood 2107-40. This shows how thoughtful colour combinations can make even the most overlooked spaces charming.
A hallway with white walls and trim, a black wooden bench, and contemporary art.

2. White-Painted Hallways: Crisp & Clean

White paint colours are a steadfast choice for hallways, but why not mix and match?

“Layering different white paint colours on walls and trim creates contrast and depth,” says Arianna.

Check out a few of our favourite white paint pairings for hallways, and home decor in general: In this sleek, minimalist hallway, Calm OC-22, a white hue with gray undertones, balances crisp Super White OC-152. Oversized contemporary art and a wooden bench add to the gallery-like vibe of the space.
A white-painted hallway with a red accent wall, wood beam ceiling, black-trim windows and door, and modern furnishings.

3. Accent Walls: The Ultimate Hallway Wall Decor

Longer hallway? Amp up the drama and draw the eye with a wow-worthy accent wall. Here, Tomato Red 2010-10 delivers an eye-catching focal point in a sunlit corridor.

Trim, in rich, dark hues provides an elegant design element in any interior space. Ebony King 2132-20, seen here, not only outlines the striking statement windows it pulls the sightline to the bright red feature wall at the hallway’s end.

Other hallway accent wall colours we love include Charcoal Slate HC-178, Pinot Grigio Grape CSP-460, and Wasabi AF-430, from ourAffinity® Collection.
A traditional hallway and vestibule with pink-painted walls, white trim, doors, and ceiling, a bureau and chandelier.

4. Show-Stopping Hallways

If you use bold paint colours throughout your home, why not pull your zest for colour into the hallways?

Connect multiple spaces using vibrant hallway hues right from your front door. Consider a saturated hue like Delicate Rose 2008-50 to brighten up any hallway, and use pink-tinged Whitewater Bay OC-70 on the ceiling for a perfect pairing.

Other paint colours we love for statement-making hallways include Tea Room AF-270, Stokes Forest Green 2035-40, and a favourite Benjamin Moore dark colour, Van Deusen Blue HC-156.

“Whether you go with bolder colour or not, if you have a vestibule or entryway that is separated from your hallway, consider painting both the same colour for continuity,” adds Arianna.
A hallway painted in neutrals with a wooden floor, a banister with off-white spindles, a gray-painted door, and wooden stool.

5. Hallways Without Natural Light

When it comes to windowless hallways, your selection of warm or cool light bulbs is critical since lighting always sets the mood.

For a dark, dramatic hallway, look to hues like Flamenco CSP-1195, Champion Cobalt 2061-20, and Caponata AF-650. Use dark glamour design touches like opulent wall sconces and luxurious runners to set off deep jewel tones, and add mirrors for extra dimension.

Looking for airy paint colours as a substitute for natural light? Layer lighter and mid-toned paint colours. Here, Pashmina AF-100 on the far wall buoyed by Vapor AF-35 on the side walls create an elegant, welcoming corridor.

While there’s no single best paint colour for a dark hallway, illuminating colours we love include Lychee AF-40, Silken Pine 2144-50, and Swiss Coffee OC-45.
A brown-painted hallway, white ceiling, and wooden stairs leading to a white hallway; earthy natural decor.

6. Hallways with Stairs

"If you have a multi-level home, it's important to consider the colours used on both floors when choosing a stairwell hue,” says Arianna.

Monochromatic neutrals blend effortlessly in the contemporary space shown here. In the living room downstairs, Tamarind AF-120 offers a dusky, deep hue, with Steam AF-15 bringing fresh balance to the stairwell and upper walls.

Need staircase ideas for the perfect paint colours? We’ve got you covered.