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Color Stories®—The Best Color Meets the Best Paint

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Color Stories is Benjamin Moore's most innovative paint color palette. Its stunning 240 full-spectrum colors are clearer, richer, and more vibrant than conventional colors.

240 stunning new full-spectrum paint colors your customers will love.

Unlike conventional formulas, the unique Color Stories palette does not use black or gray tints. Instead, more pigments—anywhere between five and seven—are incorporated per color (traditional methods generally utilize three pigments). These colors have greater clarity and purity, and are richer and more vibrant.

This new palette is only available in Aura® Interior Paint. Because Color Stories hues are achieved with many pigments, each prescription is very complex and requires paint with a formulation that can easily support the increased pigments.

Aura applies easily with excellent flow and leveling for a smoother, premium finished look. And it dries fast, allowing you to apply a second coat on the same day to save you time and money.

Now you have something truly unique to offer your most color–conscious customers. With our exclusive pigments, base technology, and formulations, it's impossible to match our colors. We challenge anyone to try.

Color Stories colors are available from our Online Store in Aura pints, quarts, and gallons. You can also purchase Aura quarts and gallons at your local Benjamin Moore retailer.

Contact your Benjamin Moore Representative for more information on how you can get a Color Stories fan deck.

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