Baby Room & Nursery Colours

A sunlit baby room with a modern wood crib against a rich green-painted panelled wall, and adjacent green wall with colourful wall-mounted animal heads, framed artwork, and a multi-coloured rug. A sunlit baby room with a modern wood crib against a rich green-painted panelled wall, and adjacent green wall with colourful wall-mounted animal heads, framed artwork, and a multi-coloured rug.

Baby Room & Nursery Colours

Whether you opt for a nautical blue, an optimistic pink or a sunny yellow, the best paint colours for a nursery are the ones you choose with love.

Your baby’s room is a place for them to sleep, learn, and explore. Their nursery should be as unique as they are, featuring colour combinations that easily adapt as they grow.

From soothing hues found in nature to colour combinations for their zodiac signs, colour inspiration is everywhere. No matter your nursery design style, our seven calming, gender-neutral colour palettes are here to help you find the hues that will welcome and nurture your baby throughout the years.

Story Books & Sweet Dreams

Sweet Bluette 813
Backwoods 469   Cloud White OC-130

Create an enchanting, calming nursery with a palette inspired by bedtime stories. Sweet Bluette 813 and Cloud White OC-130 reflect a springtime sky, while Backwoods 469 evokes forests plucked from fairy tales—perfect for a nursery accent wall or mural, should you incorporate one into your nursery design.

A Pop of Pink

Sunlit Coral 2170-60
Fashion Pink 2009-50   Lychee AF-40

Bring your baby home to a room as rosy as they are with this trio of contemporary, cheery hues. Fashion Pink 2009-50 is bouncy and vibrant, while the soft glow of Sunlit Coral 2170-60 provides balance and calm. Tie everything together with trim painted in Lychee AF-40, a gentle off-white that shares a peachy undertone with the rest of the palette.

A Sunny Disposition

Windswept OC-94
Weston Flax HC-5   Hathaway Peach HC-53

Bring up your baby in a space that soothes the senses and serves as your little one’s introduction to color. Both playful and peaceful, pastels are always a popular choice for nursery paint colors. Surround your baby with sunny optimism courtesy of Windswept OC-94, Weston Flax HC-5, and Hathaway Peach HC-53, three delicate hues that emanate warmth and happiness.

Neutral Nursery Design

Soft Chamois OC-13
Cedar Key OC-16   Davenport Tan HC-76

If you’re looking for neutral nursery paint colour ideas that can evolve as your baby gets older—yes, even through the teen years—our minimalist palette is a great choice. Sandy beige hues in a variety of shades, including Cedar Key OC-16 and Soft Chamois OC-13, mean you have endless versatility when it comes to nursery décor ideas, especially as the room enters kids’ room territory and beyond. Add Davenport Tan HC-76, which has muted gray undertones, on an accent wall for a streamlined look.

Always in Style

Mountain Peak White OC-121
Wisp of Mauve 2098-60   Mauve Mist 1264

Bring vintage vibes to your baby’s nursery with this “mauve”-lous palette. A soft take on a jewel tone, Mauve Mist 1264 appears striking against lighter Wisp of Mauve 2098-60. Add Mountain Peak White OC-121 to the trim for another layer of richness.

The Modern Nautical Nursery

Constellation AF-540
Hale Navy HC-154   Wild Flower 2090-40

Ensure calm seas at naptime and nighttime with this gentle take on the nautical nursery theme. Swap in softer blue and red hues, like Constellation AF-540 and Wild Flower 2090-40, respectively, for soothing, peaceful vibes. Complete their space with best-selling Hale Navy HC-154, a dependable, versatile dark blue they’ll never outgrow.

A Calming Bouquet

Pressed Violet CSP-520
Nosegay 1401   Atrium White OC-145

Design a space for baby’s personality to bloom with a gender-neutral trio of fresh, floral-forward hues. Pressed Violet CSP-520 and Nosegay 1401 feature lavender undertones, which will make your nursery feel both regal and relaxed. Warm things up further with Atrium White OC-145, a fresh, youthful white with a flattering touch of pink.

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