Painting 101

Get the answers you need for every paint- and stain-related project.

Benjamin Moore employees working with raw materials in a Benjamin Moore warehouse.

How Paint is Made

A person sanding a piece of furniture.

How to Choose the Right Sandpaper

Cleaning paint roller with a scraper.

How to Clean and Store Paint Rollers

White-painted French doors opening in a pinkish-beige room. A fan sits on a white stool, and a white button-up is hanging on a door.

How to Make Paint Dry Faster

A close-up of soaking paintbrush in a bucket of soapy water.

How to Clean and Store Paint Brushes

A homeowner painting white window trim with gray paint.

How to Paint Window Trim

Close up of the seam between a white ceiling and a green wall.

How to Fix 5 Common Painting Mistakes

A scuff on a white wall.

How to Touch Up Paint

A homeowner removing wallpaper from a white wall.

How to Remove Wallpaper

A blue wall with a square patch from fixing a hole in the wall.

How to Fix a Hole in the Wall

A homeowner using a brush to paint a wall teal.

How to Choose the Best Paintbrushes

A close-up of a roller painting a white wall.

How to Choose the Best Roller Covers

A woman holding a 3.79 L can of paint preparing to paint a wall.

How to Store Leftover Paint

Homeowner painting wall using a quality roller.

11 Painting Mistakes to Avoid

Painting supplies including a metal paint tray, an angled sash brush, a paint roller and a plastic drop cloth.

Essential House Painting Supplies

An open can of paint colour sample and an array of colour swatches.

How to Use Paint Colour Samples

Southwest home with white exterior and clay roofing.

Optimal Temperature to Paint

Homeowner uses a drill to insert a screw into a white-painted wall.

How to Fix Cracks and Small Holes

Open can of Benjamin Moore® AURA® white interior paint resting on a ladder.

How to Safely Dispose of Paint

Blue bucket, sponge and wall cleaner solution to prepare walls for painting.

How to Prep Walls

Well-lit living room with neutral decor.

How to Paint Walls

A person in a red shirt leaning against a handrail and holding a yellow cloth to clean a food stain off a white-painted staircase wall.

How to Clean Painted Walls

Tight surface space of a white ceiling corner.

How to Cut in Paint

Yellow walls with a gray trim hallway frame leading to a white cozy living room.

How to Paint Trim

Man painting a white ceiling.

How to Paint a Ceiling

Black trim samples with different finishes.

How to Choose a Paint Finish

Woman inspecting various paint swatches.

How to Choose Interior Paint Colour


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Woman painting a wall blue with paint roller.

Projects for Your Home Interior

Refresh your indoor space with these DIY tips and the transformative power of paint.

Exterior Projects

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Man painting home exterior a rich black.

Projects for Your Home Exterior

Ready to beautify your outdoor space? Update your home's exterior with tips and best practices from the experts.

More Ideas & Inspiration

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A homeowner sampling different interior blue paint colours.

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