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Summer Color Combinations by Benjamin Moore

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We welcome warm summer breezes with five fresh paint color combinations that showcase the season's sun-kissed silhouette. From yellows that radiate warmth to blues that cool and comfort, weightless whites to cheerful greens, the look, like the season, is effortless and uncomplicated.

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Cedar Green 2034-40
Pale Celery OC-116
Calm OC-22

First Sign of Summer

A punch of playful, vibrant cedar green (2034-40) is stylishly paired with pale celery (OC-116), a lemony green, for an overall look that's as refreshing as a barefoot stroll.

Wheeling Neutral HC-92
Passion Fruit 2171-40
Lemon Ice OC-114

Summer Sojourn

Enjoy a fresh mix of passion fruit (2171-40) and wheeling neutral (HC-92), two modern colors that instantly energize any space.

Hawthorne Yellow HC-4
Mascarpone AF-20
Whale Gray 2134-40

Cool Evenings

Sunny yet classic hawthorne yellow (HC-4), creamy mascarpone (AF-20) white and contrasting whale gray (2134-40) create contemporary glamour in any environment.

Blue Lake 2053-40
Dill Pickle 2147-40
Niveous OC-36

Shore Inspiration

A casual, high-spirited combination, rich blue lake (2053-40) and crisp dill pickle (2147-40) green is a burst of cool, confident color.

Vibrant Blush 2081-30
Dark Linen 2147-60
Aegean Teal 2136-40

Sophisticated Summer

The unconventional mix of bold vibrant blush (2081-30) and sophisticated aegean teal (2136-40) creates a modern space that exudes originality.

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