14 Popular Bathroom Paint Colors

Whether you want your own spa-like sanctuary, or a colorful powder room that wows guests, transforming your bathroom is easy with the powerful combination of the right color and premium paint.

When it comes to choosing bathroom paint colors, think about the mood you want to set. Are you looking for complete Zen? An energizing space to start your day? Or a pragmatic, minimalist look?

From popular homeowner picks like soft pinks and tranquil greens, to barely-there neutrals and surprisingly saturated hues, our color experts have the bathroom color ideas and recommendations to create an oasis all your own.

Transform Your Bathroom with These Popular Colors

1. Soothing Off-White Bathrooms

Offering versatility and sophistication, off-white paint colors are a classic choice for bathrooms. Some of our favorites include:

If you love changing your decor seasonally, try a go-with-everything neutral or white paint color to act as a blank canvas.

2. Relaxing Green Bathrooms

Greens can be incredibly soothing in a bathroom, bringing nature-inspired peace to the space. Use one of these greens to help you bring the outside in:

3. Tranquil Blue Bathrooms

Whether you opt for a powdery pastel or an inky navy, blues promote a sense of rest and relaxation. Get the look with one of these hues:

Considering blue for your paint project? Try:

4. Soft Pink Bathroom Paint Colors

Long a favorite for home spas and powder rooms alike, blush and pastel pink hues lend warmth to any space. Try mixing soft shades of pink for a monochromatic bathroom color scheme that's both gentle and playful.

We recommend:

10 Stunning Bathroom Paint Color Ideas

Want to choose paint colors to elevate the beauty of your bathroom? Think how different colors and architectural details can play off each other.

Use our tips to help you find a bathroom color scheme that fits your bathroom's size and style.

1. Master Bathroom Paint Color Ideas

As an area where “me time” takes top priority, the master bathroom is the most personal space in your home.

Create a spa-like mood with calming paint colors that nurture rest and relaxation. Consider:

2. Small Bathroom Paint Ideas

Embrace saturated hues for diminutive powder rooms or a small bathroom. Deeper, richer colors combined with the right lighting infuse a small space with ambience.

Black paint colors provide a striking contrast against white or off-white tile and walls. Consider painting inset towel shelving or other accents with:

If dark hues aren’t for you, try using an unexpected pop of color on the ceiling, such as:

A split wall powder room with bubble gum pink on top and dark emerald green on vanity and bottom wall, and oval mirror over a white basin sink. A split wall powder room with bubble gum pink on top and dark emerald green on vanity and bottom wall, and oval mirror over a white basin sink.

3. Powder Room Color Ideas

Powder rooms are a great place to experiment with color. Go bold on the walls, while keeping ceilings white or neutral to give the illusion of more space. Make a statement with one of these hues:

4. Jewel-Toned Bathroom Paint Colors

Amethyst, ruby, sapphire, emerald— jewel-toned paint colors are rich, highly saturated hues with hints of black. Breathe these colors into your bathroom paint color scheme to add depth.

Consider these stunning jewel tones for your bathroom:

5. Natural Bathroom Paint Ideas

Stone, glass, wood, and other accessories bring nature’s beauty indoors, and adds dimension.

Emphasize natural elements with bold-hued fixtures, warm lighting and natural-hued colors. Consider combining:

6. Shiplap Bathrooms

Shiplap has long been a popular way to add a decorative, nautical touch to your home, including bathrooms.

Some of our favorite colors for painted shiplap include:

7. Repaint Your Bathroom Cabinets

Paint cabinets with a fresh new color scheme for a refreshing update in your bathroom.

Countertops, backsplashes, fixtures, and flooring all play a role in color selection. Bathroom cabinet color schemes we love include:

Ready to paint? Advance® Interior is formulated specifically for cabinetry, curing to a furniture-like finish at a fraction of the price of buying new.

8. Use Painted Ceilings to Boost Your Bathroom

Infuse design interest in your bathroom by painting the ceiling a different color than the walls. The perfect ceiling color can also highlight cabinets, bathtubs, and more.

Ceiling and wall color combinations we love include:

A bold powder room painted in a gloss dark plum hue with a freestanding white sink and gray-painted door. A bold powder room painted in a gloss dark plum hue with a freestanding white sink and gray-painted door.

9. Rich, Bold Bathrooms

Dark paint colors make a statement. Luxuriously deep hues look especially sumptuous in a higher sheen.

Just like with lighter colors, assessing lighting in your bathroom is critical as light directly affects how your paint color will appear on the wall.

Bold bathroom paint colors we love include:

10. Align Bathroom Hues with Other Interior Paint Colors

Bathrooms can sometimes feel disconnected from the rest of your home. Create color flow by choosing paint colors that match the cool or warm undertone of adjoining rooms and hallways.

Bathroom and hallway color combinations we love include:

Most Popular Bathroom Color Schemes

Need a starting point for bathroom color ideas? Our color experts narrowed down our library of 3,500+ paint colors, creating eighteen winning color combinations.

From tried-and-true to bold and beautiful, these 18 handpicked palettes are designed to elevate your bathroom.

Cream Puff 2174-70    Brilliant White OC-150   Cumulus Cloud 1550

Like the sun peeking through a cloudy day, this trio of muted hues—with a shared chalky gray undertone—will give your bathroom a cozy vibe.

Vanilla Milkshake OC-59    Chantilly Lace OC-65   Kasbah AF-640

Punch up a white-painted bathroom with a smoky plum accent wall for an elevated pop of saturation.

Simply White OC-117    Dove Wing OC-18   Somerville Red HC-62

Play up the warmth of white paint colors with a wine-hued accent color to give your bathroom a dusky, romantic glow.

Chantilly Lace OC-65    White OC-151   Horizon OC-53

Evoke the softness of fresh cotton and pure silk with a trio of soft, sophisticated white hues.

Italian Ice Green 2035-70    Super White OC-152   Aegean Teal 2136-40

Pair refreshing shades of blue-green with a cool white paint color to create a natural harmony that elevates any bathroom.

Gray Cloud 2126-60    White Diamond OC-61   Anchor Gray 2126-30

Get inspired by a trip to the day spa with a bathroom color scheme featuring soothing grays and a buoyant, sparkling off-white.

Fruit Shake 2088-60    Cement Gray 2112-60   Witching Hour 2120-30

With a surprisingly versatile pink emboldened by orange undertones as the main hue, this unexpected color combination will rejuvenate your bathroom.

Barren Plain 2111-60    Cloud Cover OC-25   Eagle Rock 1469

The slightest hint of warmth gives this eye-pleasing gray color combination a welcoming quality.

November Rain OC-50    Ancient Ivory OC-133   Sag Harbor Gray HC-95

Like the skies after a summer thunderstorm, this trio of gray-green hues will give your bathroom a moody, weathered vibe.

Van Alen Green HC-120    White Dove OC-17   Van Courtland Blue HC-145

Featuring two favorites from our Historical Collection and one of our most popular white paint colors, this ultra-fresh bathroom color combination makes a statement.

Palladian Blue HC-144    Elmira White HC-84   Persimmon 2088-40

Combine an airy blue with soft shades of greige and terra-cotta for a uniquely stylish bathroom color combination:

November Skies 2128-50    Winter Snow OC-63   Rocky Coast 1595

Uplift and enchant with a bathroom color scheme anchored by a breezy blue-gray hue.

Old Claret 2083-30    Calm 2111-70   Hint of Violet 2114-60

Spark warmth and contentment with a bathroom color combination that balances bright raspberry and pastel purple.

Metropolitan AF-690    Frostine AF-5   Constellation AF-540

Whether you're painting a master bath or powder room, add a level of sophistication with this effortlessly cool color combination.

Gray Mirage 2142-50    Cloud White OC-130   Mohegan Sage 2138-30

Create comfort and serenity with this warm, hazy color combination, which features shared green and yellow undertones.

Lush AF-475    Jute AF-80   Glacial Till AF-390

Bring the forest vibes with a bathroom color combination that features a rich green paint color accented by natural hues.

Amsterdam AF-550    Winter Snow OC-63   Woodlawn Blue HC-147

Combine Old World elegance and modern industry with an energizing blue-forward bathroom color scheme.

Charcoal Slate HC-178    Blue Danube 2062-30   Swiss Coffee OC-45

For an opulent, modern look in the bathroom, pair rich charcoal walls with navy trim, reserving a go-with-everything white paint color for accents.

The Beautiful Matte Finish of Bathroom Walls

In the past, a gloss or semi-gloss paint finish was the only choice to avoid the unsightly effects of bathroom humidity. Thanks to Benjamin Moore’s commitment to innovation, that has changed with Aura® Bath & Spa.

With its mildew-resistant formula, Aura Bath & Spa provides exceptional durability and color retention. Its luxurious matte finish delivers a sense of softness to bathrooms where hard surfaces like tile, mirrors, and metal fixtures abound.

A lovely bathroom with light green-painted walls and off-white wainscoting, and a bubble-filled bathtub beneath a painted, white-trimmed window. A lovely bathroom with light green-painted walls and off-white wainscoting, and a bubble-filled bathtub beneath a painted, white-trimmed window.

3 Points to Remember When Choosing the Best Paint Colors For Your Bathroom

Keep the following in mind when you start your color journey:

  1. Calming hues, such as soft grays and pastels, lend themselves to a relaxing, spa-like environment.
  2. Deeper, richer colors pop in small spaces, especially when enhanced by the right lighting.
  3. Semi- and high gloss paint finishes are not your only option. Aura Bath & Spa provides excellent color retention and a mildew-resistant coating in a luxurious matte finish.

Sample Bathroom Colors and Buy Paint with Confidence

Sampling paint colors makes it easier to find the just-right paint colors. Benjamin Moore offers several types of color samples to help with color selection.

  • 8 oz. Paint Color Samples: See colors on your walls with brush-on color samples. We suggest painting samples on a white foam board, then observing them in your bathroom to see how lighting impacts selected hues.
  • Peel & Stick: Reusable and movable, peel and stick paint samples make it easy to test colors on different walls and in different lighting conditions.
  • Display Chips: In-store and available for free, display chips are especially helpful for narrowing the color family you will eventually choose for your bathroom.
  • Color Swatches: These 4” x 8” swatches are larger than color chips found in stores. Use painter’s tape to adhere to them to bathroom walls, and keep them up for several days for a time-tested approach. For purchase online only.

Need additional color help? Take advantage of our tools and services like:

“Think about the type of feeling you’d like to enhance in the bathroom–use softer hues for a spa-inspired en suite, or opt for something more saturated to create a dramatic powder room.”

-Molly Lynch, Color & Design Expert

A Final Note on Painting Your Bathroom

No matter what paint you choose for your bathroom, you have the potential to create a true oasis. Using the power of premium paint and long-lasting color, you can transform any bathroom in your house.

Once you select the perfect color combinations for walls, trim and ceiling, consider painting your bathroom cabinets to further update your bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are some popular bathroom paint colors?

A. When it comes to popular bathroom paints, sophisticated off-white colors are favorites. Among the most popular are Chantilly Lace OC-65 and Ballet White OC-9.

Soft pinks and blush hues such as First Light 2102-70, from the Color Trends 2020 palette and Cream Puff 2174-70, are popular alternatives to off-white paints. Greens and blues also rate high as popular bathroom color schemes.

Q. How can I make a small bathroom look bigger using paint color?

A. To make a small bathroom look bigger, consider bold colors that highlight architectural details. Deeper, richer colors combined with the right lighting can bring outsized ambience to a small space.

To create the illusion of visual depth, paint the ceiling an unexpected color such as Fruit Shake 2088-60 or Windmill Wings 2067-60. Consider painting inset towel shelving or other bathroom accents with Black Ink 2127-20 or Deep Space 2125-20—two dark hues that provide a striking contrast against white or off-white tile and walls.

Q. What type of paint finish is best for bathrooms?

A. Typically, homeowners use gloss and semi-gloss paint finishes as they are easier to clean than other paint finishes.

However, Benjamin Moore Aura® Bath & Spa, a beautiful matte finish, provides a luxurious alternative. This unique matte finish delivers softness to bathrooms where hard surfaces like tile, mirrors, and metal fixtures abound.

With its exceptional durability, color retention and mildew resistance, Aura Bath & Spa is the perfect design upgrade for high-humidity bathrooms.

Q. How can I create a spa-like atmosphere in my bathroom?

A. To create a spa-like mood in your bathroom, turn to calming hues. Consider soft grays like Metropolitan AF-690, our Color of the Year 2019, and pales and pastels like Palladian Blue HC-144, Italian Ice Green 2035-70 and Gray Cloud 2126-60.

Q. Can you suggest bathroom color schemes for a modern look?

A. Light and airy colors set the tone for modern, contemporary color schemes. Popular paint colors like First Light 2102-70, Heather Gray 2139-40, and Smoked Oyster 2109-40 reflect the modern sophistication of 21st-century design.

Q. What are some Benjamin Moore paint colors suitable for a vintage-inspired bathroom?

A. Vintage-influenced design encompasses decades, even centuries, of inspiration. Check out the Benjamin Moore Historical Collection and chose from 191 colors inspired by 18th and 19th century North American architecture.

Pastoral inspiration is popular for vintage bathrooms. Peaceful green color schemes, including Lush AF-475, Van Alen Green HC-120 and Buckingham Gardens 545, are always great choices.

Find more vintage color inspiration, where you’ll find paint colors like Gentlemen’s Gray 2062-20, Baby's Breath OC-62, Vintage Charm 1455 and many more.

AURA® Bath & Spa

AURA® Bath & Spa Paint

We created the first matte paint that withstands warm, humid environments with no compromise to color integrity.

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