Benjamin Moore’s Wellness Colour Palette: Cultivate Serenity in Your Home

A bedroom with a two-tone beige and charcoal gray painted wall, a white ceiling, two windows with beige drapes, and gray plaid bedding. A bedroom with a two-tone beige and charcoal gray painted wall, a white ceiling, two windows with beige drapes, and gray plaid bedding.

Benjamin Moore’s Wellness Colour Palette: Cultivate Serenity in Your Home

Whether you want to paint a meditation space, spruce up your favorite reading nook, or simply breathe some Zen into your home, prioritize relaxation and self-care with our curated palette of colours for wellness.

Paint colour has the power to affect our well-being and promote relaxation, and it can help us manage stress and find inner peace and tranquillity. Although everyone has their own unique reaction to colour, there are easy ways to determine the best colour scheme for your individual wellness journey and mindset.

The Benjamin Moore Wellness Colour Palette

Prioritize relaxation and self-care with our curated palette of paint colours for wellness.

A sunny home exterior painted in off-white with a yellow front door, cacti and other desert landscaping.

Cheerful Front Door Colours for a Friendly Welcome

When it comes to choosing colours that set a tone of health and wellness throughout your home, start at the beginning. The front door, although a relatively small area, makes a huge first impression. To extend a genial welcome to family and friends, use a happy hue like Sunny Days 172, which has a touch of marigold undertone for year-round cheer.

Whether you choose a warm or cool hue, an eye-catching front door colour ushers visitors into your home. Here are some other bright, wellness-inspiring paint colours we love for front doors:
Sun cascading into a light blue and white painted living room with a dark gray sectional sofa and colourful pillows that opens to a light blue hallway wall with a mounted bookcase and framed artwork.

Meditation Space Ideas & Colours for Wellness

When bringing wellness colours into your home, think about the hues that make you feel calm. Blue is one of nature’s neutrals and a globally favoured hue thanks to its soothing properties. A popular choice for relaxing bedrooms, blue paint colours can help you reset and reenergize—two important parts of self-care.

Soft gray-blues, like Smoke 2122-40, Intuition CSP-610, and Colorado Gray 2136-50, shown here, are perfect for any space where you want a mindful atmosphere. For more tips on using blue paint colours to set the mood in your home, check out this video from renowned interior designer Paloma Contreras.
An airy, open dining room with a light pink painted wall, a white beamed ceiling, white french doors, and modern wood dining furniture, looking into a blue-painted living room.

Kitchen Colours for Health & Wellness

What better space to anchor your wellness colour palette than the kitchen? Whites, neutrals, and reds have long been classic kitchen choices, but if you want a colour scheme that bridges the gap between soft and saturated, we have a suggestion for you: pink!

No longer relegated to the nursery or powder room, soft pink paint colours bring a gentle, playful side to any space and offer boundless versatility in rooms that are essential to your health and wellness. Some of our favourite peaceful and nurturing pinks:
A bedroom painted in neutral hues and white-painted shiplap ceiling with exposed beams, ceiling fan, and a floor-to-ceiling window wall with views of desert landscaping.

Calming Paint Colours for Bedrooms

When it comes to bedroom paint colours, you may find that a more saturated hue is too bold for rest and relaxation. Instead, use a deeper hue on an accent wall and paint the rest of the room in your favourite neutral. Whether you choose a taupe, greige, or light brown, neutral hues are gentle and inviting, ideal for deep sleep, long mornings, and quick naps.

With its hint of warmth, Stone Hearth CC-490, shown here, can bring surprising depth and texture to a space. We also love these neutral colours for wellness:
A green-painted wall with a white door open into a white-painted bathroom.

Colours You’ll Love for Self-Care Spaces

No matter where you take a few minutes to reflect during the day, find equilibrium in your self-care space with a complementary colour scheme that helps to promote wellness. Whether it’s a meditation room or a home gym, play with pale and pastel tones that sit across from each other on the colour wheel to create a peaceful, calming vibe. A few colour combinations we love: In transitional spaces like hallways, entrances, and stairwells, a nature-inspired hue can bring in a touch of the outdoors and serve as a calming interlude as you move from room to room. Balance the look with lighter décor and trim for a peaceful contrast, or opt for more saturated, earthy colours for cohesion.
An inviting, sunlit, white-painted living room with a comfy white sofa and two chairs, and a stone top table with a potted plant.

Relaxing Paint Colours for Mindfulness

Universally beloved for their ability to immediately calm a space, white paint colours remain some of Benjamin Moore’s most popular hues. With undertones that span the rainbow, white paint colours can be used to create a hygge-like atmosphere that lets your personality shine through. Go with timeless neutrals for a minimalist design style, or lean into a more contemporary look with a soft touch of colour.

To help ease the process of choosing a paint colour—especially when creating wellness spaces—we encourage you to find peace of mind before you paint. Explore our variety of colour samples so you can view your favourite hues in different lighting, observing how the colour takes on different tones throughout the day. Shop online or visit your locally owned store to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best paint colours for wellness spaces?

Whether you want to paint a meditation space, spruce up your favourite reading nook, or simply breathe some Zen into your home, the best paint colours for wellness spaces are the hues that make you feel calm and relaxed. Blues and greens are popular choices for their connection to nature, while neutrals are incredibly versatile and offer a host of choices to go with any décor or design style.

How do I create a spa-like atmosphere in my home?

Make your self-care spaces feel spa-like by sticking to a minimalist design style and leaning into natural décor—think teak, marble, and anything that offers both indulgence and function. For extra luxury, use Aura® Bath & Spa Interior paint—Benjamin Moore’s ultra-premium, matte-finish bathroom paint—for unparalleled colour beauty in high humidity.

What colours are associated with wellness?

Many paint colours are associated with wellness. Blues and greens help to bring the energy of the outdoors into your home (think fresh air, blue sky, and other earthy elements), while yellow and red bring a welcoming warmth to many shared spaces.

For a slightly different take, try a pale pink, which offers the versatility of a neutral with a soft touch of colour.

Can I use bold colours in a wellness space or meditation room?

There are no rules when it comes to using bold colours in self-care spaces—the hue you choose should be the colour that makes you feel most at ease. If you’re thinking about bringing a deeper colour into your wellness or meditation space, you may want to start with an accent wall or use a jewel-toned hue like Hale Navy HC-154 or Hunter Green 2041-10.

What are Benjamin Moore’s most calming paint colours?

Calming paint colours can be found in nearly every colour family, but some of our favourite relaxing hues include Pale Oak OC-20, Palest Pistachio 2122-60, and Porcelain 2113-60.

To help ease the process of choosing a paint colour—especially when creating a wellness space—we encourage you to test-drive with colour samples so you can have peace of mind before you paint.

A selection of Benjamin Moore paint colour samples.

Colour Samples

Buy one or more colour samples to help finalize your choice of colour—and ensure peace of mind.

The constellations of the Zodiac as a wall decal.

Paint Colours by Zodiac Sign

What does your place in the sky say about your personal colour palette?

This beautiful, lounge-like Well-Designed space features walls painted in a gentle pink, Love & Happiness 1191, hanging plants, relaxing seating, soft glowing lamps, and accent floor mirrors.

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